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I have just immigated to the US. I have always wanted to be an airline pilot and looking for a school to get my 4 year degree and flight training. I have heard quite a bit about Purdue and would like to apply. What would my chances be if I applied now ( for this fall) for the aviation flight program and how would i go about doing that ?

Also what does the program consist of and what career opportunities are there for Purdue graduates ?

Unfortunately your chances are pretty slim to none in getting into Purdue's flight program for the fall. They require that the applications need to be in by November 15 of the previous fall. You might be able to possibly get into the spring semester but that again would be extremely difficult. Also another strike against you is that Purdue tends to only accept American-born citizens. Don't ask me why, but that's what they do. You can get any addition information through the folling website: Purdue aviation Hope that helps out.
"Purdue tends to only accept American-born citizens. Don't ask me why, but that's what they do."
Sorry, I couldn't help it but that sentence hit a nerve. It is illegal for them to discriminate based on where you were born, especially if you are an American citizen. As a matter of fact they cannot even discriminate against a legal immigrant alien.
As far as foreign students, yes they can have quotas for them and they don't have a high priority in admission decisions.
Oh well.

Thanks for the info. Luckily I have already visited and applied to ERAU in Prescott and WMU.

I am finding it hard to fit in over here anyway, so by Purdue only wanting Americans maybe I'm better off somewhere else.

Thanks anyway for the heads-up Adam and RAM. I really do understand them wanting their " own kind ", it was the same in my old country.

I really don't think it's a "racist" thing. I think it's more of a space thing. The majority of the people in my class are from Indiana. Purdue tends to offer the program to Indiana people, then people from other states, and then people from other countries. Due to the limited space it usually doesn't get to the people from other countries. I heard in my class that they had over 400 applicants for 70 spots. So it is very competitive. I'm sorry if I, gave Purdue a bad name by that statement, but that's how they do it, like it or not. Your best bet would be to apply to a bigger aviation university.
Capt. Spud,

I can't even believe what I'm reading. Don't listen to this discouragement. If Purdue is where you want to go, then go for it!!!! Don't give up on it just because of a couple posts on this website! I've beaten many odds in a few different positions. You can get in there if you really want to, so don't give up if that's what you want. I'm not saying it's bad to have a backup plan, ERAU is an excellent school and I have quite a few airline pilot friends who went there and are very successful.

Although things might be a little tougher because you come from somewhere else, they're certainly not impossible. It all depends on how much you want it! Don't forget that.
Thanks Johnny for the support.

Well, ERAU was my first choice and I was accepted ,so I am going to go there.

I am so excited, but because I only applied quite late, I will only be able to start flying in my second semester.

Thanks again.

No problem,

have fun.
I would like to clear up something which I think has been put way out of proportion. I know it is a very late post but I think it's worth it. I would totally have to disagree with JiveDaddy and his statements about how Purdue's flight program tends to reach out to only Indiana people. I myself am in the program and I'm not from IN, and I know plenty of other people in the program that are not from Indiana either. It's like any other university, they focus on whoever is interested. What might have lead to that statement "Purdue tends to favor people from Indiana" probably resulted form that fact that 70% of the university population is from Indiana. This in no way necessarily represents the Purdue Flight program. True, their are a lot of people from Indiana in the program, but I know plenty of other people in it that are not.
Adam is right, that's the way the admissions criteria works. The flight department just doesn't accept people willy-nilly and try to find room for them (ie: ERAU), rather they accept only the number they have room for.

That results in preferential treatment for people who applied from IN. Then those with the highest GPA. If they can't fill those than they look outside IN for the highest GPA. Then they look outside the US borders for the highest GPA. It's a numbers game organized by a computer.
Well based on what some people are saying in this particular thread, one could say two things...1) a lot of pilots are from Indiana, which of course isn't true, or 2) Indiana has a lot of dumb people, and since I'm not I couldn't say

Since a lot of people in the Flight program (or who apply to it)aren't from IN and the one's who are supposedly get "preferential treatment" the two above statements would COULD to be true then, and since they most likely aren't one can easily use the law of reason