Beautiful day

Today was a beautiful clear day here in South Western PA. While I was busy cleaning up the yard and burning scrap wood and limbs, I took my binoculars with me and watched the planes fly over. It is fun to do that wondering where they are coming from and where they are going. Fall and Winter are always the clearest days to watch planes here. Fun thing to do when you are outside working. One thing to ask though, What causes some planes to leave a vapor trail behind and some not to. I always thought it had something to do with higher altitude and the air temperature.


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Yeah today was great down here in DE. I had to go to school, but after it I went over to the FBO I work at and help out in the hanger towing in airplanes that need a place to stay during the Hurricane.


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outside_looking_in -

It was a geat day here in NYC. I tried to take pictures of the planes flying along the Hudson River, but I dropped my camera into a storm drain. Oops, Ill try again next time the weather cooperates.

What causes some planes to leave a vapor trail behind and some not to.

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Ill give you my best attempt at an explaination...
All planes leave a vapor trail, just we can only see some of them. It has to do with relative humidity, which usually increases with altitude. The trails become visible when the air through which the plane is traveling is completely saturated with vapor and consequently creates a cloud or trail. The colder the air, the less vapor it can hold, so the quicker a trail will be seen. Hence, the prevalence of visible trails at higher altitudes.

I hope this is coherent and answers your question.

Happy Flying!


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It was a beutiful day here in Toledo as well, I was outside setting up pregame for Band, and I noticed a Northwest DC-9 fly over (highlight of my day) on the GENEVA2 Departure from Detroit, my guess is it was between the SCORE and CHOOT intersect. It was probley up around 10000 AGL. Thanks!


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Today was day two of 3 miles visibility and clear below 12,000 at John Wayne. Kind of a sea mist/fog over the area. Not helping things is that John Wayne's radar is out .... no practice approaches, pattern work, VFR Class C services, in addition to hefty delays at SNA and LGB to take-off or land. Interesting ATIS at SNA which lists all the restrictions if you're interested in listening: 714-546-2279.


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That might have been me. I went out to Parsons, Kansas today with an intermediate stop in Pontiac, Michigan. Our return leg into PA was on a line from Akron, Ohio towards Johnstown, PA into Harrisburg.

I was at FL370 over the Pittsburg area at about 4:30pm.


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Where at in northeast Ohio are you located? Im from Youngstown (Hubbard) and flight instructing at New Castle airport (ucp) in western P.A.

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I'm instructing at the Kent State Univ. airport, over near Akron. I'm somewhat familiar with New Castle- never flown in there, but we've sent a couple of students there for checkrides with Mr. H. I think I saw in another post that you went to FSI...when were you there? Let me know if you're ever out this way, we'll have to meet up for lunch or something.


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It was a gorgeous day here in the DC area as well. But once you got up, though, man, did it get very bumpy! I wonder if that is the outflow from Isabel or if it's the ridge that is right by us.


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Monday was really cool. I went out to Lancaster, OH for a Civil Air Patrol meeting. It was cool watching all the traffic landing at CMH flying really low over the farmers fields. Made quite a contrast between the rural and the high tech.