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Ok guys,
I just got back from the 550 mile drive to Jacksonville. Let me be the first to say it's worth it! The first thing I did when I went there was go into a small classroom with Rich, and he broke down the whole private pilot program.....and boy it goes fast......I mean they're soloing people in 5 days(I've already soloed), but thats fast. They also had a guy there from Atlanta who was almost done with his PPL who had only been there 19 days. They showed me the room where the PPL groundschool is done....and it was a classroom type enviornment with 4 desks. Rich told me that they only except 4 people per month into the PPL program.

After seeing the class facilities it was time to see the planes and maintenence facility, but as we were walking out to the line I started talking to one of the students and we ended up talking for about 45min. After talking to a couple of more students he took me and my girlfriend out and showed us the planes. First he showed us the 172's.They were emaculate, much better then the crap I've been flying, you can tell that they really baby their aircraft. I saw 4 ATP painted 172's, and one that they had just purchased that had not yet been painted. The maintenence guy said it costs around 10k to get each plane painted. Rich and I got in the plane and he started showing me some stuff on the GPS. The 172's however didn't have the dual Garmin 430's. They had a different kind that was black and white but still effective.

Next it was time to see the Seminoles. These things were awesome. All total they had about 8 at the Jacksonville facility that I saw. From the outside it is hard to tell wich Seminole was new and which one was old. We got in the Seminoles and he showed me some stuff on the Dual Garmin 430's which was pretty neat too.

After we wiped the drool off of the Seminole we went into the maintenence facility, and that was first class as well. In the shop alone I saw about 11 brand new engines. They also told me they don't overhaul engines, they just replace em'.

I was very impressed.The atmosphere in the school was also cool because all the students were in there hanging out and seemed to be having a good time. Another thing I liked about ATP was that they were straight shooters. They didn't promise me a job, or an interview or anything like that. The only thing they promised was that I would get the best training possible.

Well that was my trip.......As soon as the loan stuff goes through I plan on starting the PPL course in Jan. I can't wait!!!!!


Oh yeah, the apartment facilities are nice too
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