Aviation related car license plate

I prefer not to attract attention, but it's fun to run into those every once in a while.
Once I was chased by a Jeep all the way to my driveway. A gent blinked his lights I stopped. WTF? Is it your plane model at the back he asked? Sure. Hi I am Joe I own a Citabria with a smoke and I am based out of XXX. Here is my business card come anytime...

Man that Citabria is a beauty. We had a party on Fourth of July and he comes up over the lawn with smoke on... everybody loved it. Put you N-number on license plate.

People should be able to tell you're a pilot by the coat of rust, the odd noises, and the various fluids leaking from your car.
Back in 2004 I saw a pick up in North Carolina with the plate V1VRV2 and had a delta plate on the front. Anyone here?
Some good ones:

@DPApilot plate:




@Seggy plate:


Personalized plates should only be allowed if they're funny. Would imagine that anyone who needs to announce to the world that they are a pilot probably doesn't have a whole lot going on in their personal life. I hate having the "I'm a pilot" conversations, especially with other pilots.

And don't get me started on stick figure families. Why do you think the rest of is care that you procreate with reckless abandon?
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My favorite is one I see over at the sim building.....beat up old Chevy pick up, plate "one wire"