Aviation Internships???


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Hello. Any of you guys know how I could find some sort of aviation internships.
I do not go to an Aviation related college.
thnx a lot
Go to Skywest.com and look in the Careers section.

The only interns I've seen are those that work at the crew admin offices. Usually they're runners and filers, but there's the exposure to the inner workings of a crew domicile.

That's all I know about it here.
Hahaha...probably sunny St George, Utah. Talk about culture shock in reverse! Try not to slash your wrists out of boredom.

Here's a question for SkyWestChris: does serving an internship with the company get you a break the hiring mins? For example, I know ACA will hire their former interns with 600 TT instead of their published mins. (And we all know FlyChicaga's story....)
I don't know. I doubt it, though. I haven't flown with any FOs yet that got their job here by doing an internship first. I kind of doubt it, though.
Try Polar Air Cargo, they are located in New York. When Polar was located in Long Beach, I think that had an internship program.
Yeah, POLAR is a big out of JFK.

I think they only operate 747s but still have some -200 or -300 series which have a Flight Engineer position.
Ya, I saw this kind of thing in a Flight Training magazine by AOPA. It seems like its only at the large aviation universities ERAU, UND, SIUC, etc. I read that back when hiring was good that UAL would hire some former interns when they finished their degree as FO. I dont think this kind of thing is going on in this market. But I could be wrong.