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Today, for my birthday, someone gave me The Aviation Internet Directory, A Guide to the 500 Best Aviation Websites. It was a really strange gift. It's this big book that's broken down into different categories, and it lists the best websites for those categories, along with a brief description of each one. Of course I went right to find JetCareers, and this was the short thing they said about it: " Honest and informational, this little gem of knowledge glistens in the murkey sea of airline hiring." What I thought was kind of weird, was the section they put it in. It was in the Aviation Employment section, with other sites lilke Pilotswanted.com and Climbto350.com. These sites all seemed to be for people who had already finished there training and were looking for jobs. I think Jetcareers should have been in their Flight Training section, since most of us here aren't applying to the airlines. Anyway, the rest of the article mainly talks about how the author tires very hard teach the public to be able to weed out all of the bs you find from people like Kit Darby. I think that says alot about Doug and this site!

Is it a new edition or is it still dated back in 2001?