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Looks like Doug got ATP on as a sponsor.Or were my eyes playing tricks on me?

Okay, I looked again and it is really there flashing in my uper right hand corner. Doug, great job on your marketing skills and getting more $$$ for the site
Yeah, looks like Doug's got lots of advertisers now, and the website is doing well. Maybe he can throw a big party for us sometime with all the money raking in!
Nah, most of the money goes to pay the dedicated server gods at Hostway!

Bandwidth ain't cheap!

heh, I think it's us that should throw Doug the party for making such a wonderful website at a loss for so long. Dedicated web servers are not cheap, and he might still be loosing a decent amount of cash on this web page.


John Herreshoff
wow, you get a lot of hits here doug...

I've got a question for you: did you fly from salt lake to denver today? (6/30) If so, I was on your plane. I would have checked if it was you and said hi (from a distance it looked like you in your picture and it was a delta md-90), but I was in an incredible hurry to get off the plane due to the delay (I had a nice sprint through DIA to get to my bus, but I just made it). What was the problem with the plane anyway? I had my walkman on when you explained it I think. Well, otherwise it was a nice flight and it was a pleasure to fly with THE Doug Taylor :)
Not today! But last week I did the SLC-DEN shuttles on thursday and friday.

I'm pretty much the only "brother" who's an MD-90 in the US so I wonder who you saw? Captain or FO?
Good Grief Doug!!

How much did you hit ATP up for? Are they raising prices by $2000 to pay for all the JC ads?

Part of the great thing about ATP was their low prices compared to the other big flight schools... I hope they dont get too far away from that as I think they are the only big flight school I am even considering.
Doug, did you happen to fly N910DE on thursday morning out of DEN? If so, I got about 3 shots of you taking off. I am guessing that was a 90, it had a tapered tailcone and big engines, it definetly was no 80.
Uhh, lemme check...

Nope! I was through that evening, but the morning I was lazily snoring away in SLC.
Doh! you keep doing those denver trips and I will catch you some day... its fun to watch those spirit MD80s on hot days. They seem to rotate a little after the 10,000 ft mark. Around 9,000' you start to wonder if they are just going to drive to their destination. I think the DL MD90 i watched ended up rotating around 8,000' or so.

I think the new 16,000 ft RW is opening next month though so that will be cool to see.
We've had some pretty high loads on the DEN-SLC trips last week. On my non-flying pilot legs, I took a quick glance over the windscreen and took a mental note if I thought we'd be able to stop a few knots below V1.


Terminal C's got some semi-ok burritos so it made the DEN ops a little more interesting!
BTW, what are they building out there at Stapleton? It looks like a big ski jump or something.
hmm, I'm not sure if he was a captain or FO. He was a "brother" with a mustache...
Sorry :)... Now that I think about it, they announced something about "this being a delta flight opperated by our partner aero mexicana" or something, so he probably wasn't even a delta pilot. Well, I go on the delta md-90 DEN to SLC and back about once a month (I always get delta on priceline now, used to always get united) so maybe I'll actually see the "real" you sometime...
They are trying to turn the old Stapleton into a business area and neighborhood type thing. I have seen ads where they are trying to sell it as a "work where you live" community. I know they have been building tons of new homes over there. Personally a former airport is about the last place I would want my new home to be. Think of all the spilled jetfuel/mystery juice under your house... Nasty! Last I heard they were auctioning off the old control tower to the highest bidder that wanted to turn it into an apartment. That would be kinda cool I guess but probably on the same level as living in a former missle silo like that family in Kansas.

Oh yeah, the burritos on C, they are probably the best in the airport. If you ever RON here find a Chipolte's or Qdoba up near the Boulder area... Those are the best burritos on the planet!!
Yeah, I noticed that too tim, when you told me about ATP I sent for a packet, and when I opened it I got that bad surprise. I guess they're practicing the bizzaro world version of supply and demand economics. When less people sign up for your program, raise prices...

When my bus stopped at stapelton I saw all that crazy construction going on as well. I'm not sure exactly what you saw doug, but I know they're tearing up everything there and are going to put in tons of houses, parks, and stores. (I'm sure you could build a medium sized town on a piece of land that big) It should be pretty cool when it's done...

-I noticed tim already posted this answer while I was typing
Does United still have their training facilities at Stapleton? I flew one of the 737 sims there a few years ago. Back then they were talking about the construction but hadn't started it yet (2000).
yup, the united training place is still there. I would be kind of surprised if they kept it there in the middle of the new development, but maybe they've invested too much money in the place.
I flew over Stapleton last week for some class Bravo training. I noticed that the control tower was still there. If you turned it into an apartment it would probably have the best view in Denver. There are still about 2.5 runways left down there and the rest is being developed. Seems as though there are a few of us from Boulder here.

aceflyley & TimBuff, are you guys in flight training? If so, where do you train? Do either of you go to school at Metro State, in their aviation program? I'm thinking about taking a couple classes down there. They have that cool simulator lab, The World Indoor Airport.