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Good day all. I'm considering ATP's private/ACP program. I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on what to expect during the initial interview, aptitude test and simulator check. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

If your looking to get your privates along with the ACPP at ATP, then there is no interview.

DO you have any hours? If you have zero hours than all they ask is you get a couple hours under your belt so you know what its like to fly and you're sure that flying is what you want to do.
Hey longhaul,
I am also considering ATP private pilot program, and then the career program for my flight training. What is the time frame you are looking at? I'm shooting for the first of June or July. I do have 40 hours under my belt, but no license.......long story! Anyway, just curious about your plans
RM -

I'm looking to start the first of August. I stopped by ATP in Manassas today. The instructors seemed knowledgeable and cool. Got to check out the Seminole and got a look at the Sim. There were several student's there working hard. The instructor's there weren't sure exactly what the PVT interview, exam, or sim check entailed, since the PVT program is out of JAX. However the flyer ATP sent me states the following as prerequisites:

2 yrs of college
1st Class Medical
At least 2 hours of instruction w/in 6 monthes
Completed King Private Pilot Exam Course
And be able to fly a PC simulator.

RM let's keep in touch as we get closer to our start dates.

I will probably go to Dallas after the Private stuff in Jacksonville. I will have to go and get the 2 hrs of flightime out of the way, because none of it is very current.............but maybe that doesn't matter. I will have to find that out. Anyway, I also would like to stay in touch and see how things turn out. Take care!
I am also thinking about doing the Private Pilot program at ATP in conjunction with the career program. I havent heard much about the interview. I'm hoping to start the beginning of July. I only have about two hours of flying time. I was planning on making a decision about the program after the new year and get the ball rolling. If all goes well in my decision I will keep you guys posted on what happens with me.
I am thinking about starting in April. Anyone else starting around that time? For the private that is.

Well, it looks like there are a few of us planning on starting around the same time. Let's keep in touch, and maybe we can help each other if we have any questions.
To start the PVT course, they require that you have the PVT written done.
I'm gonna do as many as I can before I start. I've just read through the entire Jepp book material and watched all the King videos for the PVT. Right now I'm reviewing and hope to take the written by the end of this week at the latest. I'm deciding on what to do next - Inst. or Comm. I heard the Comm written material is similar to the PVT. I think I'll do that next, then the Inst (and CFII - they take the questions from the same pool for both), then the ME and then CFI.
Does anyone know if they take the questions from the same pool for the ME and CFIME? That would be great if they do.
Hi Robair,
Im actually going to make you smile on this one.
There is no Writtens for the ME nor the MEI.
MEI- Multiengine instructor.
Good luck!
Really. That's f***ing great!!!!! I was putting that off until last because I thought it would be the hardest behind the Inst. That's great. So there's just the PVT, Comm., Inst., CFI and CFII? That brightens my new year!
To the above question on the interview. It is basic private pilot stuff. I think there were questions on left turning tendencies some wx questions and a few other very basic questions. There are also some questions on multi ops, like what makes an engine critical or Vmc. They are not trying to see how many you get wrong, it is only used to gauge your basic knowledge and to see if you are "teachable." The sim ride is basic climbs, descents, holding the speeds and altitudes they give you, nav tracking and will probably consist of an engine out procedure or something similar. Again, they are only trying to see if you have the ability to learn so don't sweat it! All and all it is not difficult so just be your self and ask a lot of questions. It is a great program and it delivers exactly what it promises and all they ask (besides the money!) is that you meet them half way, i.e. be prepared and ready to learn. Good luck
You must have the FOI and FIA done before your initial CFI. There isn't an actual test for just the MEI, but if you go to ATP you do have to have the FOI and FIA done because the MEI is your initial CFI and you must have the CFII written done before your MEII. You must have the instrument, commercial, FIA, FOI and FII within the first 5 weeks of starting the career pilot program. There are no such tests called the ME or CFIME.

The career pilot interview is basic private stuff. when you get to the location you will first take a 25 question test on private pilot stuff...just study the Jepp wriiten book for private written and you will be fine, then you will get in the sim for a short time to do climbs, decents tracking vors and engine out stuff. They will answer any questions you have, show you the seminoles etc... Then if all goes well you will be told to contact the main office for a phone interview. Hope this cleared up some questions.
I have to get this written thing straightened out. I'm discombobulated by the discombobulator! Can you tell I had too much to drink last night and this morning! @))#! That's code for 2003! I want to know exactly which writtens I have to have for the entire ATP training. I want to have them all done before I go in April. I must call ATP.
I think I have a lot ahead of me! I'm only just about to take my PVT. Good thing is, I first opened my book on the 13 of Dec. with zero prior knowledge of aviation whatsoever. I love John and Martha!
Instrument Airplane
Commercial Airplane
Flight Instructor Airplane
Flight Instructor Instrument
Fundamanentals of Instruction

The FII and IR are from the same test bank along with the IGI. If you ever want to get the gold seal instructor, you must have at least one Ground Instructor rating and the IGI is an easy one.

These are all of the written tests.
Thanks buzo. Finally the mist has cleared for me, in more ways than one. What a long day today has been.