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Is asthma disquliyfing? Can I get a first class med with asthma? If not im ganna start a fight with the higher ups. I can understand why some people my be disquilyfed. But theres a lot of people like me that dont suffer from asthma anymore. Who are not ganna be able to fly in an airline becuse they had asthma when they were yonger. Doesnt seem fair to me!!!!!
I had athsma when I was younger, but not very seriously. I had albuterol prescribed, but didn't use it much, and I let my prescription expire four years ago (I'm 22). I reported all this and had no trouble getting a 1st class.

I currently have asthma, and I have a first class medical. You need to have a specialist to say that you're asthma is very controlled and that you are fit to fly a plane. Then Oklahoma processes your app for like three months and you get your medical.

I don't know if airlines won't hire you, but I've flown some banners and corporate planes with no questions about it.
Yep, thought I would add that as a kid I was a horrible asthmatic, and still take proventive stuff and the occasional dose of ventolin. I called my examiner and he said go to a specialist. Specialist wrote a note that said I can fly and my doc said it would be fine, no faa approval or anything, got my class 1 that day.

A funny thing is that I have an odd depth perception prob( I have 1/3 normal depth perception, but like 20/15 vision) and was told by my eye doctor that I would never fly. Told that to my examiner and he said to tell her to f#ck herself. Since then I have earned a PPL, instrument, about to earn a commercial, and have flown formation
. Infact I have talked to 3 major airline pilots with the same condition, who even said that it was never even asked of them, and the only time they noticed was when the sim seemed a bit wierd. They did fine, just a slight bit of difference in the sim.

Moral of the story: the faa just wants to make sure that you do not have any conditions that endanger you or your passengers. In my case, my asthma is actually reduced at altitude, and I find it easier to breath. Never had an attack in an airplane, never had the vision part affect a flight, and really never thought twice about it.

Fly safe, and remember you inhaler just in case

BTW: According to an american capt I know, the asthma will not affect your chances of getting an airline job. Infact, he is partially color blind and got a waver, no prob. It is also partially illegal for the airline after they have accepted you to reject you for something like that, americans with disablilies act. Not to say it cannot happen, but from everyone that i have talked to, they say do not worry.
As I've heard, read, and researched, the route to become a military pilot is a difficult journey, but very rewarding if one succeeds...

Throughout my childhood, I have had slight problems with my asthma. However, it has gradually gone away and problems have decreased. I haven't used an inhaler for about a year now. (BTW, I am 15.) Will this childhood asthsma, that is seemingly going away, affect my chances of becoming a military pilot (particularly a fixed-wing Air Force or ANG pilot)?

According to this website, one possess "no history of asthma at any time."
Well the doctor I spoke to who does avation medicals for various countries said that the FAA medical is near the bottom of the list as far as difficulty to get one. He basicly told me "Unless your about to keel over and die you'll be fine" Australian medicals seem to be about the middle, in addition to the FAA stuff you also require a blood test and need to vist a vison speicalist overall it takes about 1/2 a day. Aparently European and Indian medicals are very thorough and are simular to military ones with perfect vision etc required.