Anyone with film production experience?


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I have an idea for an instructional series of videos, and I was wondering if there is anyone that browses these forums that has an idea on what general costs and other associated pitfalls are with taking on a professional project. I obviously cant go into details about who/what/when/where, and this is just an idea Ive come up with recently. Preliminary research would be a good way of putting it. I would appreciate any help, and a few more details can be revealed to anyone that can seriously help. PM me or email me at Thanks a lot.
i am in the business and will e mail you with a friends production company.... he will be able to help you out....

WOW! film production eh? didn't know we had a film person on hand... any idea if we can do a jetcareers type film like "a day in the life of a szluka" type horndog film? HAHAHAHA
I'll give some of my old friends at Discovery a call. They gotta have something for the Discovery Wings channel, you know.

Szluka, we'll make you famous.


Szluka, we'll make you famous.

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That's all I need...

Although I do have a friend in the porn industry that knows a lot about filming and lighting.
No you can't have her number!
Actually, in college I used to be a cinema and photography major. What kind of film were you trying to make? Super 8? 16mm? 35mm? I remember a seven minute 16mm film costs about one thousand dollars to make. The typical Hollywood movies nowadays is made for about 40 million.

When I was younger, I wanted to be the next George Lucas. Now I prefer to be behind the controls of an airplane rather than a camera. I always liked writing, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with actors and help them find their motivation!
I also have a friend here that produces film and aviation film to boot. He's done several documentaries and couple of excellent local history pieces also. He's going to try to get Wings ch.(lord knows they need some newer material!) to show some of his work. I'll try to give Matt a call today at some point, busy day getting ready for a Vegas trip tomorrow and the delivery of my new 60' Hitachi LCD is arriving also(can't wait!) but I'll do what I can.

Do you have any other topics in mind also for production?
Hey FlyChi, what about me, can I have her number?
mavmb1 and SkyKingRon:

Its just an idea at this point, but what I have in mind is the equivalent to the King's videos (only much more exciting, I hope!). The more I look into this, the more it looks like I would just have to sell the idea to someone else. Problem is, I dont know how that industry works and would have no idea how to go about presenting it to an interested party. I know that writers sell scripts to places like Paramount, etc, but I think this is a little bit different unless I were to go through and write the entire series. Like I said before, its just an idea that I think would be very popular, but I dont know how to go about the whole thing. I also dont know if it would be hard to find someone to buy the idea because of the associated risk in profit due to its specialized nature.

That would make it nice to find someone who has all the hook ups and has an interest in aviation and likes the idea. At any rate, Im not sure something like this would ever get off the ground, but I thought it would be better to ask around than to sit on the idea and see it or something closely similar make it to the market years down the line.
You know, the guy who founded Discovery (Hendricks) is a pilot himself. If you can get past all the layers of underlings, and speak with him directly, I'll bet you can get his attention.
but what I have in mind is the equivalent to the King's videos (only much more exciting, I hope!).

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Is it possible to be more exciting than the Kings?? I think not.