anyone here fly on long island?


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I am planning my long x-c for commercial and am going to make a trip from manassas(hef) to suffolk county(fok) on the tip of long island. I am also going to stop on my way back in republic and have lunch with grandma. Just wondering what the trip up there ifr will be like. Anyone have any advice as far as routing, delays, etc that i might expect. I would like to fly direct philly, then up to JFK, and then east on long island. Im just wondering if i am gonna get screwed trying to get through there in a c-172. Any advice is helpful.
You most likely will not get screwed getting cleared into bravo. NY approach is usually pretty good with small planes. I usually fly 152's, and 99% of the time I am cleared to enter NY airspace. As long as you sound like you know what you're doing, you should be fine.
You can expect a routing out of the DC area to the east, up over Delaware and New Jersey (sorry, it's been long enough I can't remember the actual airways) eventually winding up on V16. You will go overhead JFK, then DPK, CCC, and on out the island. Same routine, overhead JFK, for the return trip. Plan on 5000-7000 as the altitudes they'll want from you. It's not a bad trip at all, and if it's VFR (or at least clear below) you get a good view of all the departures off JFK, and over JFK you'll probably be on 135.9 and hear them all on departure.