AMERICAN FLYERS flight school?


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I didn't really know where to post this since AF wasn't in the school area so here we go.

I was looking at doing my training with American Flyers in the Dallas location, have any of you had expirence with them? I know they are very pricey but they can fit my schedule very well. And I am looking for Quality training?

Thanks for the help!


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Actually, I just started my instrument rating at American Flyers this past Monday. I got my private at a Part 61 school in central PA while I finished up at Penn State, and I'm probably going to start my commercial back there as soon as my instrument is done.

Before I started, I did not want to go get any certificates or ratings at American Flyers. My parents actually wanted me to. So I gave in and started my IR there. After a week, I can say I am VERY impressed. I've structured it so I can go Monday through Thursday from 1 pm to 9 pm. A lot of hours, yes, but I've learned a lot. I work part-time for US Airways in State College, PA on weekends, so for the next 3 weeks or month or so, I'm commuting back to SCE on Friday mornings and back to Jersey (where my parents live) on Sunday nights, then commuting to American Flyers' Morristown, NJ location Mon-Thurs. each week.

I am doing my commercial in State College Part 61 because I will have probably close to 120 hours or so when my instrument is done in a few weeks, and it will probably just be more realistic to get the 250 hours and go Part 61 because of different time requirements.

However, in one week, I have been impressed enough with American Flyers to seriously consider going for my CFI course there after my commercial and multi-engine.

The programs American Flyers have are pretty pricey, but I give them a big approval in my book. Just be prepared to study and move fast.

In four days this week (totalling about 29 hours) I've gotten probably close to 13 simulator hours and 5 hours in a fairly new Skyhawk 172. The Frasca 131 simulator is very sensitive, but it makes the actual plane a heck of a lot easier.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'll be mroe than happy to answer. Good luck!


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I haven't been considering AF because of the price, but I think if they give quality training I will reconsider. I will probly do a finish up program for my PPL (which they said will take about a week) Then go back for my instrument ticket.

I would like to get the best instrument training I can get, I fill that is very inportant. I talked to Mike Simmons, he has been there over 15 years and I think he does the CFI training in the Dallas location. Anyway he said if I can go full time for 10 to 14 days I can complete the instrument rating in that time period.

How much simulator time do they give you? Do you fill the simulator gives good training, I would thinkg the more actual the better?

Thanks for your reply!


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Actually, sims are great for IFR training. I have an ATC610 that is rather old school but still good for about 10 hours. The newer PCATD's are good for 10 hours, too, so you could do half of an IFR in a sims and the other half in the aircraft. I like sims cause they are better for teaching. You can run a problem over and over until the student gets it right without interference from ATC. Also, as a CFII, I don't have to worry about us running into someone so I can pay more attention to the student, without having to look out the windscreen.

Actual experince, and feeling comfortable, in the aircraft is very important, don't get me's just that an aircraft is a lousy teaching enviornment. Try to get some time in actual IMC conditions during your training, if possible.


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I did my pvt training at AF in Fort Worth. Yes, it is pricey, but the level of instruction is phenomenal. The structure of the program is terrific as well. You certainly get what you pay for.


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I went through the CFI academy at AF in Southern California. Great group of instructors. One of my classmates in the program did all his training through them and had been flying just over a year before he got his CFI. I'd been flying for over 5 years. I think it was a little harder on him (at least I hope!) but he graduated fine and got hired by a regional the same week I did....Then he got furloughed the same week I did.
The point is, however, that he did quite well with his training at American Flyers. I can definitely recommend the CFI academy. Lots of bang for your buck if you're ready to work.


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I was in the Chicago American Flyers office last year to apply for a CFI job. While I was in the office I heard, one of the personell talking to a potential flight student on the phone. The American Flyers guy said, "Yeah, we're pretty much the Harvard of flight schools."
Flight schools will do and say anything to get your money!


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For me it will cost about 5K to finish the private, I have about 20hrs or so. But that was all done about two years ago. So I will prabably just have to start from scracth.

the instrument rating will be about 9K, Mike at AF said most complete it in 10 days but everyone can complete it in 14 days.

If I remember right the Comm. will be around 4K not counting the time building.

And the CFI/CFII school will run 3K

That should all be pretty close.


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Hi all,

AF does have the instructional thing ironed out, and they've been at it for a long long time. I knew a guy that taught there for like 5 years and they tend to attract good instructors due to the pay. I did several ratings at AF back in the day (1988, 89) (COM-SE, COM-ME, CFII), and I found the instruction all very high quality.

That being said, I think AF hit a rough spot a few years ago. Their "flagship" school at FXE (the one in all the literature) was huge. Lots of planes, sims, dorms, on staff maintenence and hangar, 3 buildings and even a swimming pool behind behind the dorms at the school (on the airport no less).

They ran into some trouble with the FBO, then the leasing agent for their buildings. They split FXE for PMP (Pompano). Gulfstream is in their building at FXE now (pool is filled in though). Their site at PMP is a faint shadow of what they once were.



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Have any of you been to the Fort Worth/Dallas location?

What is the atmosphere like there and what are the planes like?

Also have any of you flown into Addison airport? What was that like?