AirTran pilot union approves ALPA merger agreement


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Now all it takes is the membership vote. :nana2:

AirTran pilots may switch unions


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Friday, February 20, 2009

The board of AirTran Airways’ independent pilots union has approved an agreement to merge with the Air Line Pilots Association and become part of the world’s largest pilots union.

The board of the National Pilots Association voted unanimously to approve the merger agreement. The Atlanta-based National Pilots Association represents AirTran’s roughly 1,700 pilots. Orlando-based AirTran has its main hub in Atlanta and its pilots are based here.

A merger essentially means a switch of representation to ALPA. The union plans to hold meetings with pilots and distribute information on the agreement. Voting will take place between March 11 and April 10.

Underlying the efforts toward a switch of representation are the unresolved contract talks between AirTran and its pilots, who have been haggling over a new contract for years and are in mediation on the matter.

The merger agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association comes after campaigns to collect authorization cards for the Teamsters and for ALPA, each to petition the National Mediation Board for an election to take over representation. The Teamsters said in December they would not pursue a merger with the National Pilots Association.
thats what i like to see. good luck with the membership drive. i assume you will be hitting up atl pretty hard in the next few weeks? let us know if we can help.
With the recent events in Buffalo and the tremendous response that ALPA gave and is giving, I would make that a centerpiece of the drive I think. Use Seggy's letter, or perhaps even the man himself (if available).
My crashpad in Atlanta was with a bunch of Airtrain pilots and they didn't rub well with their union they had before. Not saying ALPA will be better but its a try.
Again...just look at the ALPA response to BUF. That's really the only argument you need.

Fingers crossed!

I know Mark has covered this in various threads...but I'll add this:

Having been directly involved w/ the BUF accident (part of on-site investigation), I can't thank ALPA enough for the level of support and expertise they provided CJC. All this, without our pilot group having paid a single dime to ALPA....we don't start dues payments until April. The assistance we've received thus far, and continue to receive has been amazing.

Thank you, ALPA National.......class act!
I got kind of an unofficial report from BUF.

Cruise, my friend, your money is no good for beer whenever we hang out.

Your courage is certainly appreciated.
Indeed. An event like this (the Colgan crash) is something we never want to have to deal with, but what ALPA provides in these circumstances is invaluable on so many levels. Truly one of the best possible answers to the "What does ALPA do for me" line.
I got kind of an unofficial report from BUF.

Cruise, my friend, your money is no good for beer whenever we hang out.

Your courage is certainly appreciated.

Well Doug, thanks for that! BUT, it's gonna be tough considering I need to be buying YOU the beers considering all your work here on JC. You've done (and continue to do so) a great service to the betterment of our profession with your efforts in keeping JC online. I'm honored to be part of your living room!!!

So to that I say, thank you good sir. Guess I'm gonna have to arm wrastle ya for the brews!!!

BTW....what's the deal w/ all your insider informants??? Clearly you're getting false information. :eek: