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Ok, I know it may sound cheesy, but with my time i will have this summer, how would one become a person who cleans the plane after it is deplaned and ready to be replaned? I want to get around them as much as possible as I begin training, and thought this might be the only thing i can do..What would I do?


If I recall correctly, I think you've said you live in Pittsburgh. That being the case, head to one of the airports in the area ... AGC is probably best, but Beaver, Butler, or Washington County would be OK too. Drop by the FBOs and try to get a counter or line job. That would earn you some money, and give you a chance to hang around airports and airplanes and network.

If you're stuck on an airline ramp or customer service job, I'm not too sure how easy they are to come by these days. However, the best way to see if most airlines are hiring is to check their websites. Failing that, go to the airport and ask at the ticket counters for applications. Good luck finding something that works for you.

Thanks FL270----I actually know some pilots who fly corporate out of AGC, and that is where i will be taking my lessons..I'll see what I can do, but is there any where to work at International and do something of that sort?
If you want to work at PIT, try FBO AvCenter, the FBO there, and a line or desk job. Cleaning and provisioning of the airliners there is usually handled by the airlines themselves, unless the hire a contract company to do it. Check the web sites of the individual airlines as well as the airport web site for more possible information.

Your best bet might be talking to your AGC-based corporate pilot friends. Many of the larger corporate operations (and there are a handful of large, Fortune 500 depts at AGC as you know) will hire someone to do this sort of thing ... basically be a hangar rat for them, cleaning and washing airplanes, restocking, things like that. Ask around with corporate pilots you know, or consider dropping by the FBO at AGC and working there.

Try Signature Flight Support..I mad a killing in tips at DCA BWI and IAD!!!!!!!! and 9per hour isnt bad..non union last time I checked!!
Fl 270
Thank you for the info. I am getting ready to take the practical test for 121 aircraft dispatcher and was condidering applying to Piedmont my hometown airline. Also, thanks for the heads up on the merger.
Is this what you fly? I thought BE-200 was a king air but when i looked it up i got that:)

anyway thanks again and happy flyin to ya