Airport Campgrounds


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Looking for airports around the southern United States that have campgrounds located on/near them.

Looking to do a long cross country and would like to camp.


Amarillo (AMA), TX.

There's a KOA campground literally bordering the airport. Stayed there for a night after arriving on a CO flight.. Walking there's not bad, you just have to walk around the airport perimeter.

Edit: Wanted to add - it'd be a great airport to x-c into. There's pretty much constant wind - might be a challenge but definitely manageable. And good practice.
Its not in the South, but West Yellowstone, Montana (KWYS) has a really cool little camp ground right off the ramp.
The AOPA online airport directory lets you search for airports with campgrounds. (Click advanced search)

Its a great way to find the airport with all the detailed criteria you are looking for.

In addition if you are an AOPA member search the Hops and $100 hamburgers forum. There are posts about fly in campgrounds in there occasionally.

KWYS came highly recommended by several people for camping: (although not in the south...)
Ok totally not southern, but I thought it's a real neat airport. It's Y87. There's no FBO or anything on the field just two runways and tie downs. Campground is about a 2 minute walk and Traverse city Michigan is 19 nm flight away. Beautiful trip.
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Hey buddy - I was going to post Lee Bottom!!!

I haven't been there, but I get their newsletter (best in Aviation in my opinion) and would love to make a visit to them soon.

If you decide to check it out, I'll meet you there! I haven't been yet either.
I just signed up for the news letter. I see they have a Wood, Fabric, and Tailwheel fly-in in Sept., with other events starting in June. Count one definite "in" for me!

Pretty sure I can fit about 150lbs of cooler, sleeping bag, and tackle in the L-2A.:D
Do either of you guys get the newsletter? Would love to go to the fly-in this year...

I was in there this year in the T-Goose, and it was so much fun! I get the newsletter, and was in a second of the aero-news video :)

It's a great time, and hopefully I'll make it next year.

...and I'll buy the first round AP2B!

First round of coca-cola?
For the south you can check out High valley in Suches, GA. Their airport code is GA87.

Near Weedon Field (EUF) in Alabama there is plenty of camping to do. Call Eufaula Jet Center ([SIZE=-1]334)687-2051. Either Eric or Ruda will answer the phone. Most likely Ruda, they will give you all the info you need about camping at the state park near by.
The Madeline Island Airport (off the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior) has a great on airport campground. You can also get scooters, bikes, and mopeds to rent for CHEAP while you are there.

There is also a State Park for camping and a National Park.

The town of La Pointe is 1.5 miles from the airport. The rental places as well as some restaurants will come to the airport and pick you up and take you into town.


PS: Just saw you were looking for SOUTHERN US. Well, Madeline Island IS on the south shore of Lake Superior!
Any uncontrolled airport....

I was in XBP a month ago and there was a family in a 210 that flew in from Alaska camping on the grass to the east of the tarmac/west of the taxiway/runway.