airman flight school


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just wanted to see if anybody has any knowledge of airman flight school. I'd just be interested in hearing your thoughts on their fixed price program. I'm working on my PPL right now and the way that my job is going (layoffs)- I might not have one fairly soon, and this looked like a good program where I could finish my ratings at a guaranteed low price. Their website is I'm looking forward to your suggestions and insights.
I recently talked with a guy that did all of his training from zero to MEI at Airman. He had numerous complaints about aircraft scheduling problems (more so than normal expected problems), aircraft maintenance issues (aircraft being signed off for flight while not ever being looked at in the shop), and issues with being jerked around with ground schools and administrative stuff. Granted, that is just one guy, but that's what I've heard about Airman personally. Now, on to what I've heard third person, which may or may not hold credibility, but here's the opinions of some veteran pilots that I know. I've never heard any positive remark about Airman, ever. The general consensus around here, is that Airman is a joke. I've heard several horror stories about Airman pilots, and the numerous regs they've broken. Before I get jumped, I want to say that this was just my opinion, and just what I've heard from other pilots in the area. If you're wanting to go the academy route, I'd look elsewhere, but, if you're looking for something around the midwest, you might check out, they're in Tulsa. Hope this helped some, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
I started out flying in Tulsa before moving to Dallas. The Christensen fleet is well managed and they fly great. I finished my ppl in Dallas.