Hey I took my first aerobatics lesson today... it was a blast!!!

I have some more time before I meet commercial minimums so it was either another 10 hours of chandelles and lazy 8s or 10 hours of loops, rolls, and spins. Considering they're the same price...

But anyways if anyone's considering it I highly recommend it!

I felt like a student all over again... the plane was really light to the touch and I was overcontrolling left and right (and up and down and inverted
) but it was probably the single most productive of hour of flying I've done since I was a student pilot.
congrats//////// what kind of plane did you flight?
I have the GRAND
total of 3 hrs in a Citabria/////
made my self sick spinning non stop the first hr

take care jetman
Aerobatics is a lot of fun. What did you fly? I have done about 10-15 hours dual in an Avions Mudry Cap-10B. Enjoy the upcoming flights. You really become more comfortable with it as you do more of it. My stomach was adjusted by the third flight or so, too!

Ed, whaddja fly? A good friend of mine has a Decathlon and is building a Christen Eagle (almost finished) - he used to compete in aerobatics, now just has fun with it. I absolutely love the Decathlon. What fun...

I got a ride in a Pitts one year for Xmas and man I loved it. It's pretty expensive here so I havn't had any other flights. It's like 250 an hour for a Pitts and 300 an hour for an Extra.
The Pitts must have been cool. Only 250 an hour? I'll take 10! I haven't done any aerobatics yet, but look forward to it. Hope I don't get sick, you never know how you'll react till it happens. No doubt aerobatics in any aircraft would be cool.