Accelerated Flight Schools - ATP Flight School or Flight Safety Academy



I am a 32 year old male, currently living in Guam, who is looking to make a career change and becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot with the hope of being picked up as a FO in the near future.

I already have a 4 year degree...

I am looking for a school that offers the greatest amount of schooling and certifications in the least amount of time and therefore am interested in accelerated programs.

I am currently in a lucky situation where I have the cash to pay for one of these accelerated programs and will not be needing to take on any debt, thus I am not overly concerned with the price, but I do feel that should be value...

Based on the above, it seems that my two best choices would be ATP Flight School or Fight Safety Academy (or others?) I continually see lots of posts about ATP flight school, but have not seen much of anything on Flight Safety Academy, is there a reason? Is one better then the other?

I am not overly concerned about the location of the school, but I would appreciate a warmer location.

I would appreciate any advice and recommendations that you all may have.



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If you have the cash to pay for one of these programs without taking a loan, and you're going to be dedicating your time solely to flight training, you have countless options.

ATP's program costs the same regardless of location, so decide where you want to do your flight training and see how much it costs to go to a mom and pop school versus ATP. In some areas where cost of living is higher, the mom and pop schools can cost as much as ATP, but if you live in an area where things are cheaper, then ATP will cost a lot more in comparison.

Having covered cost, the other factor that was important for me when I chose ATP over the local mom and pop schools is the structure they provide. They have a strict timeline for everything, not the "let's see" approach I saw at some of the flight schools I used for my PPL. ATP is hard work but if you just do your part you will get your ratings very efficiently.