atp flight school

  1. P

    High School Senior with a few questions

    I'll be graduating HS this July and trying to figure out the best, for me, path to become a commercial pilot. There's so much info out there, and so many groups with agendas, that its become difficult to determine my best path forward. I live in North NJ and have been accepted to several four...
  2. Nunavut

    Accelerated Flight Schools - ATP Flight School or Flight Safety Academy

    Greetings, I am a 32 year old male, currently living in Guam, who is looking to make a career change and becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot with the hope of being picked up as a FO in the near future. I already have a 4 year degree... I am looking for a school that offers the greatest...
  3. B

    ATP Pros and Cons

    I am a 20 year old recent private pilot who is thinking about going to ATP I am most likely going to be enrolling towards the end of January/early February. I see a lot of posts on here about ATP not a lot of positives but then again a lot of those posts are from years ago. So I just want to...