A BIG Thank You!


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Just wanted to send a Big thanks out to JEP and Kristie/ Doug! You see, waaay back when JEP won the NJC registration grand prize. This gave him two complimentary NJC early-bird registration fees. Originally, he figured both he and his wife would be in attendance and they would each use one of the complimentary fees. Well, it turns out JEP's wife was unable to make it to Vegas this time around. So he had an 'extra' registration to share.

Then along comes little 'ol me. Unsure if I was going to be able to attend until basically the last minute. As such, I hadn't paid for my attendance to the event. JEP, being the good guy he is, got wind of my plight and offered his extra registration to me. He asked Kristie if I could use his 'extra' registration if I was able to attend NJC. If I didn't make it, he would toss his 'extra' fee back into the NJC coffer. As it turned out, Kristie gave the big thumbs up for this.

In the end, my schedule aligned w/ the stars and I was able to make NJC '08 (my third in a row). As usual, the event was great and I certainly plan on continuing the annual trip to NJC 'xx. FWIW, I highly recommend NJC for those who have yet to make it to the event.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to publically thank all parties involved.

Jim, Kristie/ Doug......Thanks a bunch! :hiya::hiya::hiya: :D

I certainly appreciate your generousity. This is just another fine example of how the JC community takes care of one another.


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Actually I had won 'one' free registration. The other bald, former Navy guy had won two. :D I did pay for my wife, Julie, but she was unable to attend. The rest of the story is true.

Matt was worried about being last minute and having to pay the 'late' fee. Since I was paid up, I offered up my freeby registration to help him out or help out the jc cause. Glad to do it.

In my little I.T. world, that was the best way that I could Pay It Forward at the time. :nana2:

Rock on Matt, We'll see you again next year.

Enjoy the Q....