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I received a flyer from DCA today. It says if I enroll by July 31, I'll receive "Up to $5000 CASH!" and a "FREE Jet Transition course! Value $6205" Anyone from DCA marketing, what are the restrictions that apply?
From what was told to me by my admissions officer, the $5,000 cash comes to you after you complete the CFII training, when starting with zero time. The jet transition course is credited back to you after you complete that program.
I thought it was a great deal and could not pass it up. I will be starting on June 12th!! Hope this helps you out.
Pilot2B basically nailed it down. You will get the total amounts assuming your a zero time pilot, or actually just without any ratings. Coming in with some hours won't change anything in regards to the rebates. If you do have ratings, the rebates and free Jet Transition Course will be pro-rated. Please either call us at 800-822-6359 or goto www.deltaconnectionacademy.com

Pilot2B...We all look forward to seeing you here in June!!!

Could you tell us more about the jet transition course.

You do your CFII, then the transition... and then what? How does the course fit into the DCA picture? Is it going to make you more competitive for the interview, or is it going to be required for the interview? Will it let you slip into the RJ immediately? I guess not
I guess it is also not going to give you a type in the RJ for 6k. That would be cool though.

The Jet Transition course will be after you complete your time as a Flight Instructor. Your right it will not be a type rating, but just a prep to help get you used to the FMS and EFIS systems as well as High-Speed Approaches. As of right now it's not required for an interview.
I was under the impression that the rebates are credited to the student accounts after they finish CFI and interview and are hired - a portion of the rebate being credited into the account before starting CFII and the remaining portion credited for MEI training, with the total credit being over $6000 if having started at DCA with 0 time.
. As of right now it's not required for an interview.

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that better stays so...


I was trying to search for the cost of a type rating in the CRJ but I could not come up with any $$ figures. It is probably more than $6-7k, but still even if it is $12k (I have no clue how much it is someone please throw it in here...) I would not mind doing such course instead. But "jet transition"??? At least in its current "semi-classified" form... what is that supposed to do? Make the transition easier? OK. I thought the majority of DCA CFIIs had no problems making the transition. So what is the purpose of it? You will still need to do the whole crew training at Comair anyways IF you get hired?

Honestly I just don't feel like throwing out another $6-7k on top of everything else and not even get a type rating. I am sure transition is a though thing but coming up with $7k is not that easy either especially if I look at a CFII salary.

That is just my 0.02 but if this course is going to be a requirement... ummmm or lets say "highly recommended" than I would rather have them offer a full type rating course also, or instead. I would anytime take out a loan for something that makes sense.

I am not trying to be a smarty and say it doesn’t make sense to have a transition course, but it is kind of hard to see through this at the moment. It seems it still is quite a bit of a dark area. Not that I am trying to question the word of yankee or whoever, but yet I have to talk to a human DCA employee, standing in front of me explaining it. I just can’t get it why there is no decent DCA web site with a decent explanation. Local FBOs across the field have better web sites. Like how much does it cost to get a decent site up? I just can’t get it…
I'll try my best to explain the reason for the "Bridge" course.

In years past, at 1000 hours total airplane time (not many years ago it was 1200 hours) the Delta Connection Academy (then Comair Aviation Academy) flight instructor graduates would move to a Brasilia or other turbo prop. These graduates would then spend several years or more in the turbo prop before moving to the jet. Today, those same graduates are going directly to a regional jet. The leap from piston twin to regional jet is markedly greater than the leap to the turbo prop. And though our graduates have done well bridging that gap on their own, we believe they would do better with additional training. The airlines currently recruiting our students believe this as well.

As mentioned elsewhere, that training will include the areas not normally associated with the piston twin: FMS, EFIS, high altitude operations, higher speed operations and with even more advanced help in acclimating to airline training and the airline culture and lifestye.

This additional training will be required for all new students who become instructors and will happen prior to the airline interview.

Hope this helps.

Patrick Murphy
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When I was at FlightSafety, they offered a similiar course to all the Instructors free of charge. Even better, it was in a full motion level D sim, the same kind airline and corporate pilots get their type ratings in. Personally, I feel that these "transistion" courses that DCA and PanAM offer are simply ways to get more money out of the student and IP's. Now if they were offered free of charge to all instructors that were preparing to interview then I would say "sure, all the help I can get". Remember, when you get hired, you are going to have extrensive ground and simulator training way before you even get close to the real airplane.

This additional training will be required for all new students who become instructors and will happen prior to the airline interview.

Hope this helps.

Patrick Murphy
Director of Training

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Thanks for the explanation.

1 more Q: By "new students" do you mean only those who will enroll, or have enrolled as students after a certain date (if so what date?) or those who became or have become a DCA CFII after a certain date (if so, again what date)?

Thanks a LOT!
Re: Jet Trans course

Question for Mr. PW

If a person enrolls under the current promotion, and after finishing all 3 CFI ratings at CAA, they do not get hired. Is he/she still entitled to the jet trans course?