10 month CPP at all locations!!!


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I just contacted ATP today and found out that the 10 month Commercial Pilot Program will be offered at all the ATP locations nationwide starting the first of the year!! - not just at the Career Pilot locations anymore!!!
I heard from one of the instructors on this forum that the 10 month program would be replaced by some new, self-paced program, in early 2004. Didn't hear any more details though.

Can any of the ATP folks comment/confirm/deny?
The Commercial Pilot Program (CPP) is offered at all locations. (started this summer)
The CPP is flexible. It is an alternative the 90-day Airline Career Pilot program (ACP). The CPP targets those who want to keep their part-time or full-time job and cannot commit to 90-days of "eat-sleep-fly".

The 10-month program is just a suggested time-frame. Most people do it at a faster pace, depending on their available time.

The ACP offers free housing for the 90 day program. It is full-time and ATP sets the schedule. It is only offered at Career Pilot locations.

The CPP does not include housing, but it does allow you to customize your schedule. It is available at all 24 ATP locations.