Wiscair/Cap City


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Say, any Wiscair or Cap City folks here?

I just hit the magic 1,200 hours (still 22 hours shy of the night requirement for 135 PIC but that'll change soon as it stops getting dark at 10 p.m.) and was looking for some info.

Basically just looking for a contact or two and any insight to either operation. If you have the time one day at STP I'll buy you dinner. (Burger King, not the St. Paul Grill. I'm just a poor flight instructor.)

I'd like to stay in the Twin Cities if at all possible and night, single-pilot cargo in the dead of winter in the upper midwest appeals to my warped side. :)

I thought about Airnet and their 'van run out of STP, but too much chance I'd have to relocate.

Thanks in advance!



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That van run out of STP is currently up for bid but I know somebody that has already bid for it.