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Hey guys, just wondering yalls insight on the student housing. I heard its 500 a month, but that you could find a roomate for the local apartments for cheaper. Which one would yall rather do? Im only a college kid, so would it be hard tryin to find a young person to live with in an apt? Thanks guys. Later
Where is/What is CNU? What division are you in?

(sorry - not aviation related, but saw your "QB" and having played a little ball myself...... well, you get the picture. Jock stuff).

CNU is outside of Virginia Beach, Virginia. It's D3, I had the chance to go to a 1AA school but i would have had to redshirt instead of starting as a freshman at CNU. Our football team is only 2 years old and we won our conferance both years!
Nice job. I went to a NAIA (now DII) school. Played receiver for a year. We won the (NAIA) National Championship the year I played, so that was a nice bonus to my short career.

Good luck!!.... and watch your backside. NEVER be afraid to THROW IT AWAY!!!

(I coached football for six years, so take that for what it's worth)

btw.. I did a google and I *think* I found your school. You guys wear blue and white, right?
Naw. Don't go to DCA. I looked at DCA, FSI and a couple others, but with a house, mortgage and wife.... all of which I'd like to keep
- I could not justify quitting and going full time. So, I'm doing the FBO route. Slowly but surely knockin' the ratings down while keeping my "day job" (read: income).

For you young bucks, though it's not a bad deal.

I tried the site you linked, but my computer froze. I'll try it again later.

Good luck this season!!

What kind of offense do you guys run? We ran the "veer" at Carson-Newman and I experimented with a "West Coast", an option-oriented offense and a few others in my coaching days.

Anyway.. I've hijacked this thread enough.

Good luck!!


P.S. Just reviewed the media guide and had to chuckle. Looks like the same folks did your media guide, did the one for Carson-Newman back in 1986. Same EXACT format.

Impressive stats btw!! Keep it up and you guys might just repeat.
Too funny, Smokey!!

[/ QUOTE ]

He's not kidding...did you read the link?

Thats cool Smokey!
No, no - I didn't mean to poke fun a Smokey's outstanding accomplishments! They rock.

I meant his reponse to my response to CNU-QB's response to my response to.... well, you get the picture.

I admire anyone who can play at a high level.
They told me it was actually 499 a month to live in the student housing. I am looking into buying a condo in Sanford or Lake Mary. I found out that with rates on buying a condo it is alot cheaper than paying rent for an apartment.
What do the rates look like for buying a condo? My wife and I have settled on Sail Point Apartments. We were quoted at $735 for a 2 bed 2 bath with washer/dryer. I think it is 908 sq ft. Not lit very well though. The one we really wanted was for $775 with has 925 sq ft and is lit really well with outside light. We'll be movong out to Sanford the end of November. It sure beets my current rent and apartment. We're currently in a 750 sq ft 2 bed 2 bath not washer or dryer and our rent is $1040. Gotta love California!
Wow, my wife and I owned a house while I was down there (in Apopka so it was a 30-40 minute drive) and it was a 3bed/2 bath, 1400 square foot with 2 car garage for a tad over $900 a month! I can't believe houses are actually cheaper than apartments down there?
I am currently having a house built. 3bed 2 bath little over 1600 SF for $104,900 in the city of Deltona. About 25 min drive into the school. Good area, great schools if you have children, and its land values are going up anyhwere from 12 - 19% a year! www.Maronda.com is the builder. I am having the Aberdeen built.
I forgot to mention in regards to area condos:

When I was looking for property out here there were alot of condos in the 75-90K range in Lake Mary. I found alot on www.realtor.com and a handful on www.buyowner.com

If you find something and need me to swing by and take a look at it, let me know!