What's the best job listing site?


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Obviously JC is a great place to check for jobs, but if one were to use a primary job site to cover the bases (subscription or free) which one is most comprehensive / best and why?

If I were you I would prowl out climbto350.com Usually you can type in the plane type and location into airliners.net and get the name of the company that is hiring.

For example you might see "Saab 340 F/O's needed Manassas, VA", so what you do is go to airliners.net, goto the picture database select saab 340 and then Virginia as your location and the results will come up with pictures of colgan . Thats is what I do and it usually works and it's free
if you were to use a comprehensive site, then it would be JC; because half of jobs are through networking.

Just because JC isn't all jobs all the time doesn't mean it's not the best :)
I wouldn't use ANY fee-based job site right now. They're all full of recycled listings. You're more apt to get a job via JC. Both of the flying jobs I've had to date I've gotten from here.
The listings on climbto350 have decrease dramatically over the past 6 to 8 months. I've found other sites - namely USPilots.com to be completely useless. They rarely change the listing even after the job is no longer available...and the site is impossible to navigate.