What is the oldest airplane........?


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What is the oldest airplane you have ever flown?
Years ago i was invited to the cockpit of DC-3 built in 1944,huge control wheels,engine levers looked like Snap on wrenches/////
and i LOVED
the steam engine gauges[no T conf in the panel ] the engines were powerfull and NOISY/////
I would love to fly one of them birds
'48 Champ for me as well.

The nicest restored airplane I ever flew was a '59 PA24-250 Commanche. This thing was absolutely immaculate- had a spectacular paint job, completely redone instrument panel and interior, and new engine/prop. A non-pilot looking at it would probably think it was from the 1990's, not 1959. I have a picture someplace, if I can find it I'll post it.
Jeez, now I feel like I fly the newer planes. Oldest plane I've flown is a 1969 Mooney M20C. Man, what a beaut!
My oldest was a mid-50s vintage J35 Bonanza. Same airplane I made the stiffest crosswind landing of my life in ... 30 knots straight across ... in a V-Tail. Didn't plan that one, the winds picked up substantially while en route. Decided to give it one try then divert to another airport with a more favorably pointed runway. Shot the approach and got it down ... the kickout method works as advertised! This was a couple years ago.

OK I am cheating, but I worked on the A3 Skywarrior while in the Navy, it was designed back in 1947.
Dunno, I have a lot of Stearman time, but I don't know when it was built. I flew in some Stinson from the 40's that CAP used.
I have had the pleasure of flying a 1931 Waco RNF biplane which is owned by a friend of mine (well, his father actually). It's a stunning airplane, and apparently it won Antique Grand Champion at the EAA Arlington fly-in last year.

I've flown a 1941 Piper J-3 cub that was once a converted TG-8 training glider and I've flown freight in Convair 240s (oldest one I've flown is 1953 I think).

A large portion of my total time is in planes that were made before the early 1950's, which is pretty cool I guess.
2000 Cessna 172SP

Only time I have flown so far.
Ridden in some DC-9-14's on NW that were from the 60's I believe.
There's a twin in this month's Plane and Pilot magazine called a Champon Lancer 402. It's from the 1960s and this twin as a cruising airpseed equal to a Cessna 150!!! And notice I said C-150, not C-152!
Imagine going that slow in a twin! The Lancer was made from 1961 to 1963 and has two Cessna 150 engines. (Continental O-200 100hp engines) What a centerfold!!!
1959 BE95 (Beech Travel Air).


BTW.. can somebody downsize that avtar to make it fit better??