Swayne coming to a 121 near you


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Haven’t seen it yet, just overall fed up with the “discourse” and outright propaganda that social media is pushing out there.
I just watched it. It was eye opening for sure. Some of it was common sense but long term issues were a good perspective.


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Is this high school? This jealousy here is absolutely hilarious. His videos are professional and show his journey. If he is furloughed, he'll probably be fine with income from his channel and he can easily get a job doing video production.
I get annoyed way, way more at the insta-pilots than this kind of thing.


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I might have rolled my eyes a bit before but I don't really get the Swayne hate. He's professional, not dancing around like an idiot for TikTok making us look bad, and not rollerskating around in Healy's in the terminal, or not almost lawn-darting into a freeway in Oakland trying to hand fly a CAT I ILS in his own airplane. Sure it's a bit "PR department" but when a Youtuber made a video about how he didn't like the airline life and complained and left the airlines everyone on here tore into him too, so I'm not sure what everyone expects. Don't people think it just might be a good thing he might actually drive some interest into the career, which means people filling the seniority lists below us?

Good lord, I know things really suck right now across the board but it's not like the JC hivemind wasn't tearing into the kid before for the same stuff.


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Exactly, and he seems to enjoy what he does and isn't bitter yet. Everybody is just waiting for him to become BITTER like them. It's weird. I still enjoy this career, even in a pandemic?


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Aviation is a (coed) fraternity and you have to bust chops, ragging on him is like making fun of the guys that wear the hat.