Starting PPL in June!


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I was just wondering if anyone else is starting the Private in Jacksonville in June? I just signed up and am scheduled to start June 2 and the ACPP July 28.

Oh yeah, what is a good quality headset that I can buy that will last me throughout the program, instructing, and then some? Something that is very comfortable and durable.

Hi Dan,

While I’m not attending ATP in June, I can give you some advice about a headset choice.

There are many different opinions on what the “best” headset is, just like there are many opinions on the best type of car or airplane. It has been my experience that David Clark’s are truly well made. I have a 17 year old hand-me-down that my uncle gave me, and with some new gel seals they’re like new! However, if you have the cash I would definitely recommend investing in a pair of ANR’s (active noise reduction). They are quieter and generally more comfortable as well, because they use less clamping pressure. Regardless of the brand you choose, I would definitely buy a quality pair that will hold up to years of flying. The old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to headsets!

Good luck with your upcoming training!

Great, I start in April. I dont know where I'll be doing my acpp yet, Right now its set for JAX, but thats just because I havent made up my mind yet. I was hoping to go to DC, but now they are really restricted the airspace around there from I have heard, so i'll have to pick somewhere else.

good luck,
deder, I'm starting the PPL course in JAX as well in June. I was starting in April, but I had to postpone it until June. My brother-in-law suggested I get a pair of David Clark's. That's what I got, they're pretty comfy. I don't know how they are in the cockpit though. Haven't used them to fly yet. See you in june.
Thanks for everyone's responses so far. It seems like everyone is suggesting the David Clark's, so I'm gonna buy a pair. Can't decide between the 20-10's or 10-60's. Whats the deal with the stereo option? Is that something I should have?

Robair...good to see that your starting with me in June. Have you started any of the study information yet? Is it hard? I just got all of the stuff and I am trying to find time to study it while finishing up my last year at the University of Florida. Keep in touch and let me know if anything happens or you need something.

Thanks again everyone,
Go with the H10-13.4, or the H10-13X if your wallet can handle an ANR headset. Too much plastic on the H20-10, and I've heard of occasional problems with the cord jack on the H10-60. If your budget can accommodate it, I highly recommend going with the ANR model--all a matter of what your hearing is worth to you.
It's really not all that hard. Get the king or sporty's videos that ATP suggests. They make it a lot easier. I took my PPL written already and I'm half way through the commercial written. The commercial stuff is not much different from the PPL. Most of it is a review for me. I studied for the PPL in three weeks and took the test. Depending on how much time you have to devote to it, you can get through the material rather quickly. See you in June.
To the guys starting in a few months-

I am finishing up my bachelor's as well, but won't be finished until December, thinking of starting PPL in January. Does ATP have a time restriction on how early they'll send out the material? It just seems funny to me that anyone can study for writtens and acquire ratings when we won't actually fly for quite a while.
I got my stuff in November and was planning on going in April. Now it's June. You have to ask them to send you the books for everything after the PPL if you're doing the PPL and Career course there. They won't send any books otherwise. They suggest you get the Jepp 141 kit which has everything you need for the PPL.
Hey Robair,
Is that jepp kit necessary? I have the textbook, study guide, and I just bought the manuevers book. Do i need to get that syllabus and all the other crap too? I ahve the E6b and the plotter as well. I dont want to have to spend any more money on supplies I dont neeed if I dont have too. I am going to take my private knowlegde test this week.

It sounds like you have mostly everything that comes in the Jepp kit. The kit comes with a cheesy flight bag that I'll never use. I would confirm with them though. I don't remember all the crap that came with it. I haven't looked at it in over a month. Look on Sporty's web site and see if they give a description of what's in it. That may help.
So where do you get the Jep kit then? Sporty's? This is all seperate from all the books and stuff they send you with the deposit? I also heard somewhere that they recommend the King or Sporty's DVD courses as well, are those really helpful? If so, which is better? (sporty's is cheaper!
I'm pretty sure Sporty's has the Jepp kit. I got mine off of ebay for about 20 bucks cheaper brand new. If you can find it on Ebay, it will be cheaper there. And yes it's in addition to the other books they send you. They don't send you the PPL books. They want you to get the Jepp kit. I think I got the Jepp Kit for around $150-160.

I did King and it was extremely helpful. I got through the material and took the test in three weeks. Makes it much easier. It's gives a different perspective from what you read in the book. Plus they have all of the FAA questions from the pool to study. It's a matter of opinion which one is better. Some like King, some like Sporty's. I've only seen the king videos, so I can't give much insight into the Sporty's.
Hey guys, if you havent bought the jepp kit yet, I wouldnt worry about getting it. Its like 170 and we barely reference it. The text book is good to have, and of course the e6b and the plotter is a must, but whatever else is in the kit will most likely go untouched. Thats just my 2 cents.

PPL Jepp Kit, supplies, etc...

Hey Brian- starting PPL in Januaray, got all my books the other day along with the polos and bag, and got the King videos on order. Are you still stickin' with the advice not to get the Jepp Kit? The letter says to get the 141version which is like $215 bucks, I'd rather not if I pretty much have what I need to pass it...THX
Re: PPL Jepp Kit, supplies, etc...

Yeah all I had was the jepp private pilot manual. E6B, and the lotter. And i went thru the private pilot program without a problem. good luck

Re: PPL Jepp Kit, supplies, etc...

Others will have it... you will make friends and study together... just borrow it!
Re: PPL Jepp Kit, supplies, etc...

Good deal, now what about the private gliem book? Or could I just pass the written with the king dvds and the stuff I got from jax?