Stand classes?


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Hey I haven't chimed in on any FSI threads for awhile and was wondering what the current buzz around campus was concerning standerization classes?

I have been calling in to FSI periodically to ask for info (trying not to be a pest) and as much as they try to be upbeat and supportive it seems pretty clear that they have little solid info to offer. A couple weeks back the word was "we are going to look at mabye another stand class in a few months". Which is kind of frustrating after "Worst case scenerio looks to give you a march 2002 class date."

I completely understand the current state of the industry and in no way am I trying to bash the school. It is a great place and the job is totally worth waiting for, its just difficult to put your potential new career on hold for this long..........any on site rumors or fact appreciated!

Hey chunk glad to see you finally made it to Vero.
Its looking tough for stand classes right now, we are still over-employed as all of us instructors know. Really its not a very good situation for anyone... those who are waiting to go thru stan are frustrated, and rightly so cause waiting on a career makes a month seem like a year. Us line instructors are frustrated, mostly b/c they brought too many classes in already, and in doing so has created a poor instructor/ student ratio creating a slow build of time and small paychecks. I don't think anyone would really want to go thru stan right now cause they probably won't have more then 1 student for some time. So, in reality nobody is really smiling, besides the students I guess who have much more personal instuction! Unfortunately it just takes time, and all of us wish it was better cause we like flow too, as we would like to move on and open our jobs to those behind etc.

On a very positive note though, you are right this job is certainly worth waiting for. Getting paid to fly is incredible, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. I have no doubts that this is the best school in the country, and its instructors have an advantage because of it. And also very positively, instructors are leaving for corp/airline jobs unlike 2 months ago. I think by this fall things will be much better, and by next spring things will be rocking again. Things are just backed up now, and being at the bottom of the aviation pond (training), it is the last to feel the effects of an improving environment.