Spartan school of Aero.


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Just wondered if any of you had or know of anyone that has gone to Spartan school of Aeronautics in Tulsa OK? If so, what was it like good and bad? Cost, Planes, Instructors, etc....

Is it a good school?

One of my users went to Spartan, I just can't remember his name though.

I'm not much help, I know!
I know of 5 that went there but it was in the late 90's. They all had a very good experience and enjoyed the training. They are all now flying for regionals and 2 of them are Captains on the CRJ. I'm not sure what the program is like now but the best thing you could do is take a tour and see for yourself. Hope this helps.
I plan on touring, just wanted to see if anyone knew, it's pretty easy to ask here?

I have heard that it is going down hill ( hear say that is) Courious to know if there is any truth to it?

Does any one know what it is like down there now or within the last couple of years. Like to know as much as a could before I go on a tour, so I can ask.

Thanks for your help!
I attended Spartan from April 99 to May 01. Was a good experience, though a bit on the high side moneywise. As usual, there were the disgrutled crew who complained about everything. Their complaint usually centered around money, which gets exhausted quickly. But like anything in life if you're focused and determined, they provide a good environment for you to learn. Aircrafts are well maintained, and you would get into serious trouble for flying one with a known squawk.
pay them a visit and see if you like it.
I am an admissions officer for a different school. I've had quite a few people come talk to me about changing schools because they are not happy at Spartan, but then I've probably talked to students from nearly every school on the board. "the grass is always greener." One told me they MADE him go into the A&P training becuase they were unable to place him into the pilot training program at that time. Seems kinda odd to me. But like someone else said, it's just heresay. Best thing to do is tour several schools. Take time to talk to the students and instructors. find out what school is going to fit you best. Go in with a list of questions and write all the answers down. Don't try to remember it all, you never will. Ask about the aircraft and availability. how often do you fly, student to instructor ratios, are you generally with the same instrucor. Whats something that school can offer over other schools. Maybe the other people on this board can add to the list of questions and get a really good line of questions set up for you.
best of luck
I got my comm/inst from spartan, but elect to do my multi @ atp. The cost of the multi was steep, $200/hr in a seminole. Final bill was $35k, but remember i didnot enroll in the degree program. I have friends who ended up spending about $45k for the associate degree plus comm/cfi/cfii, no multi. like i said in my previous post, very expensive program, but in my opinion worth the money.
Is most of the training done in a the 152's? How would it break down as far as planes for each rating? For example PPl-all 150, instrument all 172, commercial-half 172RG half 172 ect...
I was really upset at Spartan's tactics when it comes to admission policies. A few years ago I requested info from them and an "admissions" representative called me. The phone call started off innocently enough by him asking me questions about my goals/grades etc, but after a while I realized I was being completely snowed by their representative. He wasn't an admissions officer at all but rather a salesperson simply trying to get money out of me. He insisted that I send $300 "good faith" money so they could send me an application to apply to the school. I was so angry when I got off that one hour phone call that the next time the "admissions" representative called me I gave him a blast of four-letter explicatives that I should not post on this forum. Shady, shady, shady business tactics...beware!

For the record, I have no affiliation with any flight school at all. I'm still a pilot-wannabe.
I did my PPL in the C172R, bcos i was over 6ft tall. Usually, the PPL is done in a C152, but if you're over 6ft you do it in a 172. There is a $20/hr cost differential. All instrument is done in the 172, and commercial is a combination of both 152/172 and the RG. In the comm program there are 5 stages, you start flying the RG in stage 5 to get complex time and prepare for check ride. cfi is done in 152/172 and cfii in 172.