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Has anyone bought and tried the See Clearly Method?? It's that series of eye exercises that are supposed to "strengthen" your eyes...Someone gave it to me, I'm interested but somewhat skeptical. I'd rather do that, lower my Rx and wear glasses then get some cross eyed, ham handed doc playing light saber Jedi with a laser on my eyes.
I've heard about those exercises too, not sure about the brand name or inventor though. It would work if your eye muscles are weak or imbalanced, but for most of us with out-of-round eyeballs, I doubt it.
hey... it better not be that exercise that makes ur eye ball pop out , like those people in the World Gineus Record show on T.V those people that make their eye ball pop out of it's socket..
although is an effective way of scaring terrorist attacking the cockpit.. once they get through the cockpit door.
Look at them, and make your eye balls pop out..
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Hey there was some other thing invented bya USAF pilot it was called America 20-20 or something. anybody heard of it or have the URL???
My friend actually did this. Now he doesn't wear glasses, and in his USAF physical came up 20/20. He does the exercises still to keep his eyes in shape. I may consider doing the same thing, so I don't lose my 20/20 vision (from sitting in front of a computer too long!).
I asked my optometrist about the "see clearly method" and he had heard of it, and he told me the method consisted of wearing "hard contacts" during the night, and they basically made the shape of your eyes more natural, thus correcting your vision. He also said that during the day your vision would get worse as the day goes on, as they started to uncorrect themselves.... Basically he did not recommend it to me.
Of course, this is an optometrist speaking, and he might not want people to know about this concept because it would reduce his business. So basically I have no real information, but I just thought that I'd share it with all of you /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
Sorry but it doesn't have anything to do with contacts....It's a series of eye exercises and mental conditioning that "strengthen your eyes." You sit and focus on different objects while saying to yourself, "I feel my eyes becoming stronger, everyhing appears clearer." Spooky stuff
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The contact thing mentioned is called ortho-k. I currently wear these special contacts at night for about 7-8 hours and instead of my vision being its natural 20/600, it is 20/30. It takes an adjustment to get used to the larger lenses (and their hardness for soft contact wearers), but I prefer this to eye surgery. For me this is not a permanent solution because the degree of correction causes night glare, similar to LASIK. However, it is reversible (just stop wearing them) /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif.