Scottsdale Tribune Article:

Very nice!
Kudos again for all of your hard work! I really appreciate the effort it took from you two!
<thumbs up graemlin here>

Doug and I had a lot of fun completing the task, even if it took a lot of time to keep the page updated, buy, box and ship... but i just wish we'd hear that they got the packages.. so far, they haven't received them yet..... irking because who knows if they're just sitting at the base

Can't wait to hear the guys/gal reactions when they finally get their stuff! I'd imagine it's going to be extremely satisfying!
Great work to the both of you! The act more than the article warms my heart.

Now if you'd consider a fund raiser for my training expenses
Great work, both of you! Im sure you donations are much appreciated over there. Its great to hear what you guys have done. Hopefully they will be home soon, and send some Thanks You's your way! Kudos!

I am sure that Mike and his buddies will appreciate all of your hard work just to get them a little piece of home.
WOW! I am very proud to be part of this community, at times we may disagree with each other on certain issues, but we all came together when it counted most! Once again, thanks to Doug & Kristie for all of their efforts.......