Questions Regarding Flying Around D.C.


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I'm just wondering if there is anybody here that can give me a hand with a flight that I have comming up over the weekend. I'm flying into the D.C. area on Thursday night, and I haven't a clue about the airports in the area. Does anybody know a decent airport around the Baltimore area that doesn't cost $9,000 per night to tie down? Any airports with Air BP??

And ANYBODY with experience with all of the post-9/11 security a brother out!!!!
I really don't need to come face to face with anything that can shoot at me...
Flew into Martin St Airport about 6 months ago- service was ok, paid .20 less at the self serv pump and overnight tie down fee for a cherokee was around $15. Pretty close to downtown Baltimore.

Flying around the ADIZ- went IFR and I couldnt tell any difference beside the increased radio chatter.
There are three airports you cannot fly into -- CGS, W32, and VKX. You will need to remain clear of the area around those airports called the FRZ.

Other than that, all the airports in Maryland are open. I'm not too familiar with the Baltimore area, but I heard that FME is pretty good and pretty close.
If you want to get into Baltimore, you could go with BWI or MTN. I train out of BWI. If you can do it, file IFR and you won't even notice any differences. Watch out for P-40, and the the area around DCA, though.

If you go VFR, you need to file a "VFR ADIZ flight plan," which will be treated like an IFR plan. Don't penetrate the ADIZ until you've gotten your squawk and are in contact with Potomac appr. And if you need to get into Bravo, you still need to be cleared into that, as well.

AOPA has a checklist for operations within the ADIZ. I'd read that, too.
I fly into MTN 2 days a week and its a great airport. Hanger space cost $50 for a Navajo, I think.