Questions about starting the CFI


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I will be starting my CFI sometime this summer and lately, I have had so much free time I think I need to start doing something for it right now.

Any advice on what I should do? Which two writtens do I have to get done again (FOI and ?)? I kind of want to make a binder because of what some other CFI's have said on JC, but what do I put in it and for lesson plans, where should I find a guide to those?

thanks in advance
You need to take FOI and Flight Instructor Airplane. If you take Advanced Ground Instructor (from the same test bank as flight instructor) you can get that certificate also. I took it as a practice test for FIA. With regards to the binder, I'm putting mine together right now. It is basically comming together as lesson plans for every ground lesson and flight manuver, and a collection of any Advisory Circular or article that I fell would be benefitial to either me teaching or to the student.
The hardest thing about the CFI is trying to figure out how to start/do your binder. Once you get going the challenge becomes learning how much to rely (or not to as is usually the case) on the binder you're building. Once you "get it" it goes fairly quickly.
Look at the PTS and do a lesson plan on each one of these topics, including maneuvers. There are books out there that have "canned" lesson the lesson plans for yourself, though. You'll be glad you did and learn a lot from it. I also have each of these for PVT, INST, and MEI (different binders for each) and information binders for each.

As for binders, I have my lesson plan binder, a separate binder that matches each topic with visuals, and any exra stuff I could find to help teach it. I also have a binder that has Endorsements, the PTS for PVT, COMM, CFI, INST, and ATP levels taken directly off the FAA web site, and some judgement training stuff I found.

One of these years I am going to put all this on the web for use by others...just need some free time. And, yes after 8+ years in the Navy, I am very A.R.

Good luck. You'll be amazed how much you learn from this about flying.
Go out and get the "Aviation Instructors Handbook" along with all of those other FAA books, and know them cover to cover. The "Aviation Instructors Handbook" has examples of lesson plans, course outlines, etc.. in there. All those things you read getting your private/comm read them again.