PUBNAT 5/6 -- What are your geo prefs?

Bernoulli Fan

With everyone including myself wondering which preferences are gonna get them into OKC the fastest, I thought a poll would be in order. Too bad 10 is the maximum number of choices, so we'll have to go by region for now.

Sorry if this has been done before. I looked, but all I could find were a few threads for PUBNAT 3 and 4 on what people had actually put. Maybe some foreknowledge will be useful for us. Or not. :rolleyes:
Er...could you make this "check all that apply"?

No everyone picks two states right next to each other.
I realize that; in fact, I'm planning to pick states in different regions myself. But I thought that if everyone put their first pick, we'd have a reasonable depiction. If some people voted twice and some once (because both their states were in the same region), the poll would be less useful.
I wonder if LA. is still the best choice since the email they sent out requesting people for the state...
Well, looks like those who want to go to Minneapolis or Miami Center are in good shape for this round. If they need people, of course.
thought I'd bump this back up since emails just came out. As you can see, many of us are listing California and western states.

You might be thinking...well, I'm not going to pick California then...

Well, as well as been pref-ed by the most people, CA also hires! the most people. might be thinking...if CA hired so many people before...will they be hiring that many during this round?


Here are the major states from the last two rounds. This is by no means a complete list, just to show you a trend.


14 California
7 Ohio
7 Indiana
6 Kansas
5 Florida
5 New York


14 Louisiana
13 Texas
9 Florida
8 California
7 Virginia
6 Ohio
5 Alaska
5 Colorado
5 Indiana
5 Hawaii

So there you have it...the old hiring numbers, the new geo pref trend...all you can do is make your best judgment and hope!
Does anybody have any idea about staffing levels at facilities in FL and GA? I read on another forum that there are no openings right now in GA. Any info would be appreciated.