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Pittsburgh Jet Center -We are currently accepting resume for potential Citation XLS First Officer position. Presently we are not hiring but accepting resumes for chance of upcoming
position. To be considered, applicants must meet following minimums: 2,000 hours TT, 1,000
hours Mel. To have resume on file, please email resume to: pat@pittsburghjet.com or
pegher@pittsburghjet.com. Resumes are also being accepted via fax at:(724)452-5601.

Just saw this on uspilot.com today. I applied to this company back in Sept. then waited a week, and called them back. The lady that answered the phone said they were just collecting resumes. They posted a job again sometime around Nov or Dec. Called them, same thing. I haven't called them this time, but it says in their job post that they are not hiring, so I'm assuming the same thing.

It really drives me crazy when some of these people post ads then never do anything about them. I remember Underwood Air Patrol was doing about the same thing. That's the end of my rant.

Anyways I thought I would post it up here, just in case someone else has better luck than me. Sounds like an ok opportunity, if they ever do decide to hire.