Pilots....Bah!!!!!!!!! (plz read)


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I think i've been off the forums for sometime now anyway again im frustrated with peoples comments and im posting some again...

Common context "I wanna be a pilot"

Reaction 1:
A pilot ... Poooh! Car driver Bus driver Truck driver .... a person from a respectable background family DRIVING PLANES ?!?

Reaction 2:
Come on.... What is a pilots job in todays world..Dress neatly..sit in front of computers in a plane.. flick a couple of buttons .. the plane takes off and land even in emergencies ..and the pilot gets the money and the girls

Reaction 3:

Pilot!!!! Of all things u wanna be an airline pilot.. Are you mad? you Spectacled mad brain... Airlines are still places where senior air force officers relax after spending thousands of hours in high tension hi-speed combat missions "Flying"duties. Now its better you get that damn Computer Science Masters and become a programmer anyway today its the same

*Reaction 4:

If you have the money..enough for getting your licences and a 737 rating plus some computer knowledge and a good degree.. consider yourself a airline pilot for a minimum of 10 years

* By an Airline pilot who is incharge of Applications in an contracted employee only airline.

Anyway guys (gals) has the mighty computer taken over aviation too..... Are pilots becoming dummies.. Is it true that a pilot is resting in emergencies while the autopilot is doing things...?

If its not then i think i'll try my best to become a pilot just to prove all the myths False..

Anyway maybe not a good post its just that i am frustrated.

Anyway nice to be back
Nah, the whole automation thing is way over rated.

We haven't invented a commercial airline that automatically performs takeoffs and I really don't know any pilots that conduct autoland approaches with any sense of real comfort. In fact, I've probably only (outside of training or conducting the 90 day test) seen probably three in the last seven years of being an airline pilot.

The people that are answering your questions don't know wha the heck they're talking about.
My entire family...

Reaction #1.

I hate it, and it really makes me feel stupid/inadequate a lot of times...but it won't stop me. Just because I don't want to be a businessman (read: corporate •/slave), doesn't mean that my career goals are worthless.
All ya gotta ask/say is: Would you a trust a computer to drive you to work and back? 'Cause 'ya know sir/madam/a$$ flying is on magintudes of order more complex than driving.

Or: What happens when all that automation goes TU? Is the guy in 15B gonna save everyone's bacon?

Or my favorite: That's nice.

No one understands anyone's job until they themselves have done the job. It's a fact of life.
Okay here's my family.

"You just spent all that time and money on your degree and now you're going to waste it by not using it."
-As if pilots don't need degrees. I also hear...

"You won't ever be able to get a job as a pilot. Now that technology allows for video conferencing people don't need to travel anymore."
-I find that one rather funny. I guess I'll set up a live web-cam for my wedding. Hell, it'll save a ton of money on food and invitations. And I suppose their gifts can can be sent via video conferencing also. Then they go on to say...

"You've got a degree in computers, go develop video conferencing technology. You've got lots of job security in video conferencing."
-That's why people are getting laid off left and right in the IT field. Big help there. My family seems to have a fixation with video conferencing and assume that I must be an expert on in when in reality my degree has nothing to do with it (other than a 15 min. lecture from one of my clases).
Haree, it is YOUR life. You have to decide what YOU want to do. Do not let folks who may or may not be well meaning dictate your life for you. You are the one who has to live it, and if you will be happy flying airplanes for a living, then do it.

I've been around the block a few times and I can tell you that you do not want to be locked into a job and career that you don't like just to make others happy.
Anyway guys (gals) has the mighty computer taken over aviation too..... Are pilots becoming dummies.. Is it true that a pilot is resting in emergencies while the autopilot is doing things...?

[/ QUOTE ]

I think that it is partly a matter of which airplane you wind up flying. I've seen 737s with panels that aren't as complex as a Piper Seminole.

Autoland is for the big guys anyway. Even if we fly a coupled approach, we disconnect and land manually at the bottom. In my airplane, we are encouraged to hand fly, since the autopilot is a deferrable maintenance item.

I've spent the day hand flying without an autopilot on more than one occasion. Often without the flight director as well.

I've also known at least one crew that had to hand fly a peanut gyro approach down to minimums after a dual AHRS failure.

In any airplane, you need to hand fly enough to keep your skills sharp in case they are needed.
Autoland scares me sh*tless because it doesn't fly the transition to landing the way a human does.


Just thinking of autoland gives me the heebie geebies.
My family seems to have a fixation with video conferencing and assume that I must be an expert on

[/ QUOTE ]

Isn't it amazing that when you get a degree in computer science (or the like) people immediately think you're an expert in any type of technology.

I've had people try to bring me fried electronics because I have a CS degree.

When I finally change careers (to whatever) I've going to put one of those stickers that says, "No I will not fix your computer." up in an obvious place.

Check out http://www.thinkgeek.com/, they have a "No, I will not fix your computer" t-shirt. If your into Unix/Linux it's got a bunch of other stuff that you'd probably love. Shirts that say things like "Got root?" and...

$> cd /pub
$> more beer

They used to have one that said something like rm -f /bin/laden. Can't seem to find it anymore, but it was hilarious.


John Herreshoff
I love ThinkGeek. I actually have a T-Shirt that says:

'rm -fr /bin/ladin' courtesy of my wife (chicks dig geeks).

I like the one that says: 'I read your email'

and the one that says: 'You are dumb' in binary.

God I'm a geek.

Oh the shirt that says: 'RTFM' in big block letters is a favorite of mine as well.

Now I just need a way to combine computer geek with flying that makes money.