Pilot from US to Australia


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I am curious what has to be done if I want to fly in Australia, such as the differences in licensing and how difficult it is to get a job there.
I am a US citizen but also have the ability to obtain a AU passport & citizenship. From what I have researched it is extremely time consuming and expensive to obtain your ratings there. It's not a simple transfer like even say China. Not to mention the job market down under really is pretty bad. If Qantas were hiring in droves I might consider dropping the $$...but not now.
Pm me your personal details and I will put in touch with a chief pilot of a flight school there.

It will cost you about 15-20k and 4 months of studying full time.

The regional market isn't too bad but the major market is terrible.
sorrygottarunway said:
@Seggy wasn't REX trying to recruit us Colgan guys back in the day- I remember some emails from Tom Brink, or maybe it was during bankruptcy?

Yes it was during Bankruptcy! @amorris311 has even more details.