Piedmont Anyone??


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How is Piedmont Airlines (US Subsidiary) as a company? I have heard some things about them (good and bad).:confused:

I really want to know how is there MX department in Salisbury MD. I am only asking this because the job I have right now in IAD might not be there for long.......:banghead:


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I know this probably doesn't help but seeing how no one else has reply here's my take.

Interviewed and was offered a job with them in Jacksonville FL about 11-12 years ago. I would of taken the job except the starting pay was something like $11 an hour. I was making better $$$ at TIMCO. Even as burned out as I was working 727 and DC-9 overhauls, I just couldn't do it. Seemed like a decent outfit at the time and the folks were real nice but that doesn't pay the bills.