Photos from today's flight


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Photos from today\'s flight

My mother was in town overnight I picked her up yesterday and took her back this morning. We flew up NYC's VFR corridor I have not done that in a few years.

I posted tumbnails with links to the photos (big hi-res images) for my digital walmart POS camera anyway...

You can check them out Here

Ground Zero looks unremarkable just nothing where the building were, strange to say the least.
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Awesome photos, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the only time I flew up the VFR corridor, August 28, 2001. I distinctly remember looking up at the twin towers...
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Great Pics! We flew up there several times on cross country and formation flights. Nothing like hovering by the Statue of Liberty to get some good shots!
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Great pictures. What were you flying?

That's cool that you can get that close to the city. I'm not at all familiar with NYC airspace. Is it a busy place?
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Was in my mooney, and flew yo at abt 800ft, the floor is at 1100, no different than most B airspace. they have an announce 123.05 freq, talking to helos and the like.,