North Ohio CFI Jobs?


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I've got a friend who has her CFI/CFII and is looking for a full-time instructor position in northern OH (she's from the Genoa area). Any suggestions would be great.


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American Winds (AKR) keeps posting on 350, wouldn't.

It's a job, but not a real great one.



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A friend of mine has an FBO in Lima. But your friend best be better than the garden variety CFI. Glass, CPC, no time builders. PM me for details.


I am currently in Chicago at flyers finishing up my cfi-ii and might come back to ohio to look for some work. 15G skypark always has cfi openings but there kinda scary xlr99 my instructor could explain more...however premier at burke lakefront was hiring last time I heard....they have an expense account for insurance and have a bridge program with for the pay....idk (but they do have a twin:))