New York City


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I will be in NYC on friday and staying till tuesday with SAMA. The group has a whole has 4 tours lined up for different things, but if anyone has a suggestions on what to do in NYC that would be great (must see things, nightlife, malls, etc.)
No malls in Manhattan!! That's the great thing about the city...

Try to get in a Broadway show, there is a Restaurant street right in that area where you can find a bite to eat before/after the show. All types of food (last time I was in the area I ate at a Chilean restaurant that was excelent)

Try one day to get down to the WTC site, from there you can see city hall, and get down to Battery Park to see the Lady.

Use the subway as much as's not so bad.
Thanks for your replies Baronman,

We are touring the USS Intrepid on Saturday and was told it will be at least 2 1/2 hours. We are also going to tour the JFK Aiport, Jet Blue Headquaters and Airport Ops Tour, American Airlines Maintenance Facility, and Citation Shares.

A couple of guys have said they are going to Knicks game and others to a few Broadway shows. Thanks though, and I am open for many more suggestions.
I visited the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum back in Aug. '02. Pretty wide variety of aircraft, including an A-12 Blackbird; plus a September 11 memorial which includes photos, artifacts, and even a piece of the window frame of one of the planes.

The Empire State Building is pretty cool, too; although I imagine it starts getting colder up there this time of year.
There is a mall across from Madison Square Garden located right above the B-D-F-Q subway station on's about 5 or 6 levels high.
If you are ever in the mood for Italian food while your there, check out Angels on First St. between 62nd and 63rd. A local spot, a bit tacky, great service, and best Italian food I have ever had.
I went on a vacation to my home town, NYC, back in August. I had the best time. I was a little dissapointed in the Intrepid museum. You can't go down into the ship, just the hanger deck and above is open along with a small mess hall right below the hanger deck. The aircraft and the submarine were fantastic! If you want the best pastrami sandwich in the world, go to Kats Deli. I believe it is on Orchard st. in the Lower East Side. Battery park is nice too. Have fun!!