NetJets buys an airport

No kidding.

What do they do for fuel though? I would think it'd be kind of a hassle to figure out the logistics of all that (especially since that's probably the last thing they want to be doing in the first place).
I would guess that they wont manage the airport. Theyll probably outsource the actual airport ops
"Buy the airport."

Hmmmm. Now, why did I not think of that before. Here I was, struggling to find adequate hanger space for future aircraft.
Those are the kinds of solutions that you come up with when you have the kind of capital that Warren Buffett does.
I guess one of the first upgrades they'll put in the airport is to get instrument approaches made for the airport - right now it's a domestic day VFR only airport.

EDFE is the identifier.

Problems? Just put money (and time) into it - problems go away.
Not a bad way to start I guess.