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Donny Boy

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Ok, I'm 16, about to turn 17. I have solo'd and am well on my way to my PPL. I also work at a local FBO, and take every chance i get to fly. From what i read here, freight sounds like my type of flying. I have checked with Wiggin's Airways in KMHT, and they don't do it but....Do any of you know of any cargo operations in New England (prefferably NH or MA) that are domestic (prefferably small props) where i could possibly ride shotgun. I'd call it an intern deal, i'm willing to work for it in return, i'd like to get my face out to a company, as well as get a perspective of what hauling boxes is like.


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You show a lot of ambition and that's good on you. However, to my knowledge there aren't any companies that will sign off on letting a student pilot do an observation ride. Keep plugging away, get some more experience, get yourself a college degree, than come and join us out there. Good luck.


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Off of AirNet's website...

Q: Can I ride along on a run to experience the type of flying AirNet does?
YES – If you are a rated pilot, call our recruitment hotline @ 1-877-247-6386 and ask if we can accommodate you on a FAM (familiarization) flight.


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The airnet fam flight would be an excellent thing for you to do. Get your private liscense then contact airnet to set up a flight. Seeing how we fly at airnet would be a great learning experience for you, and also a way to start getting seen at a cargo company. Remember, networking is the most important thing to do in the aviation business.