Minority Pilots


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When the airlines start hiring again do you guys think being a minority pilot will hurt your chances of getting hired? I don't want to spark any arguments, I was just wondering what the thought of my fellow jetcareerers were.
Well when i begin flying for an airline I would want to be flying with the most qualified person. I think they should hire the best person. Dude im sure you'll get a job flying, we might even fly together pro in the future. And, I think airlines are still hiring.
I think it helps your chances in most cases if it has any effect at all. Most airline pilot pools are disproportionaly white, they're probably always looking for ways to diversify things.
wow, cool! Hey, didn't you just beat u.c.? I thought I saw sonthing in the paper about that. Flying. baseball and playing drums are really the only 3 things I like doing. Well, then theres always girls but
Man, you could actually just make it to the majors in the mlb...., I read all your info. Cool stuff. I love baseball, especially at this time of the year. Good luck the rest of the year!
I doubt it I've had to much surgery(2 plates 14 screws in left arm). But there is a kid on my team named Michael Aubrey, and he is supposed to be one of the first five players picked in this year's draft.
Well cool man. I would like to play ball i collage but i don't know if ill be able to. But I will become a major airline pilot -eventually. Anyway, good luck man, have fun and maybe the reds will draft your friend!!!
Joining in late here. You playing in the Cape again this summer? My best friend plays college ball for the Citadel so I party with the baseball team on occasions...like last night. There closer is going to play there this summer. Hes a pretty good guy. Fun guys to party with. Good luck with the rest of the year and all.