MEMS and Ring Laser Gyro Errors


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Does anyone know what errors are associated with MEMS rate sensors and ring laser gyro systems? Vacuum AIs for example show a turn in the opposite direction after rolling out from a steep bank, and they shallow up in a prolonged coordinated turn. Are there any errors like this in MEMS and ring lasers? Are there completely new errors?


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It does not really matter what errors they have. Since they are computerized, it is easy for the engineers to find out what kind of errors the system has, then program the electronics to 'fix' the errors.

Most systems will gradually 'drift' over time, and some system is needed to remind the computers when they are straight and level. The Avidyne system in the Cirrus uses a simple bob weight and inputs from the GPS to tell when it is S&L.


Here's a good layman's introduction is INS, and about halfway through, how an RLG (strapdown) IR system works.

I can't think of any inherent errors in a system with no moving parts,nor have I ever heard of this happening, but I would guess RLGs can start giving false indications if the mirrors are exceptionally flawed or the dither motor it mentions stops functioning.