Meigs Field Fight - Support needed!


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Guys and gals of JetCareers,

You may have seen the petition I started regarding the closing of Meigs . Since then, I've been working with the Friends of Meigs organization and with trying to do what I can with what little time I have to contribute. As you may be aware, they are having a hard time in the battle and their next step is the Illinois Supreme Court. They need, however, to raise over $75K for the court costs. Currently they have rasied over $20Kand need 50K more. The deadline to file is this Friday, the 27th. If you want to contribute, your credit cards would not be charge for your donation unless enough is raised to file the case. Go to their website for the details:

If you can pass this to anyone you know that may be willing to help. I know a lot of you probalbly don't have much to contribute, but anything can/will help.

To date, they have raised over 185K in all their battles up to this point.