Medical Question for PEPC (ATC)


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Heres my situation,

When I was 9 I had a one time seizure occurance. When I applied for a medical when I was 15 years old, and learning to fly I was denied. In the FAR/AIM it states that "after 5 years with no further complications a medical can be offered." I got a new EKG, and retested and was found to be free of any seizures. So i fought with the FAA for about a year but finally got a 1st class medical.

I recentlly called the medical division of the FAA about this, and they said it shouldnt be an issue. But it was the typical. "O dont worry your little self about that hunny" OKC FAA girl. So who knows.......

Heres my question...When I go to the PEPC, should I still declare this or keep it quiet since its already been reported to the FAA many time before? Has anyone had a situation like this before? And if so, did you bring in backup forms of previous medicals to prove its been reported and been ok'ed?

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Declare it (it is in their files and not reporting looks like you are falsifying records) and explain that you had the seizure, were evaluated, the records were reviewed by AMCD and they issued you a CLass 1 medical. That should be the end of it.


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When you get your paper work for the PEPC there will be the standard medical form to fill out. It says not to list any things previously reported if there is no change. But at the Memphis PEPC they said you need to list everything on the form anyway since their computers were different or something.