Looking for a good FBO in the Orange County area


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Hi there!

This is my first post on this forum. I've been thinking about changing careers and becoming a comercial pilot. I've been a graphic designer for the past four years and have decided that I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking at a computer screen. I've had the dream of being a pilot since I was a just a little guy, and have finally decided that it's now or never.

After reading over countless amounts of posts about aviation academy's and after talking with many people in the airline industry, I have decided that I should first take some lessons and or get my PPL at a FBO before attending an academy.

Does anybody have any suggestions on which FBO's have good reputations in the Orange County area?

Skyguyed, mrvic and Iain all fly out of SNA. If you're willing to drive, check out Fullerton and Long Beach as well. Set up some intro flights with instructors at different places so you can get an idea of how they teach.
looking for a FBO in OC,

Orange County has 2 FBO's offering flight training, that I know of. Orange county flight center, and sunrise aviation. Both are pricey, but its oc, and in class c airspace. Both have web sites. I am currently training at oc flight center and have nothing bad to say about them. They have new planes and friendly instructing.

The four flight training ops we have are:
Orange County Flight Center
Royal Aviation

Do a quick search, as a lot of good info was recently put out. On a side note, I'll probably do my instrument training out of LGB because of the high cost of flying at SNA.
I fly out of Lenair, my experience with them was great. Their aircraft are very well maintained, instructors very friendly and knowledgable. Overall I would recommend them to a friend!!

As Ed mentioned SNA is very pricey, but there are no Jow Schmoe operations out of their, they are all professional and well run. I think doing your PPL out of SNA is a good idea, it exposes you to busy airports (wake turbulance, many aircraft to think about, lots of radio work, etc.). Once you have your PPL and can deal with busy airports, and having some experience (so you know what makes a good instructor/school, know more about maintenance, etc) then going to one of the smaller airports were rates are lower starts to make sense.
Thanks for the information everyone!

I checked out a couple of the FBO's at Orange County, and you're right they are on the expensive side.

However from what you all are saying perhaps it's for a good reason. I think I'll still check out a couple at Long Beach, and some of the surrounding small ariports, just for comparison.