Look out...I passed!


Fetus Worshiper
Look out everyone, Theflyingturkey is a commercial pilot! Help us all! I passed my checkride today. What an awsome feeling!

The Turk.
Congrats Turk! Comm ME is even easier than Private ME, so that should be a breeze. Keep working at it, and pretty soon, you'll be at MY level!!!
Way to go turk...very proud of you!!!! Next level.....becoming a great duty CFI!!!!! Tell the guys I said hi.....
Thanks for all the kind words.

I passed my commercial multi stage check today, and filled out the good old 8710. Now I just wait for the next available checkride slot, maybe Tuesday, but probably Wednesday.

Casaosa, I'll tell everyone hi for ya.

The Turk.
oop's, I did it again!

I passed my commercial multi check ride today!!

The funny thing was,right in the middle of the oral, the examiner decided he was hungry, (around 11:15) so we went over to the Tiki for lunch. But it wasn't just the two of us. All 4 DPE's were at our table. Boy did I feel like a fish out of water! I thought I was going to get slammed with questions, but they told stories of past check rides, and they are all really good guy's full of information, and eager to share it.

So after an hour or so, we went flying. (the easy part)

So what's next for The Flying Turkey? CFI ground school. It start's on the 28th, I have a week and a half off, so I am going on vacation with my girl.

So another thread comes to an end. With all the people bashing Pan Am, I am still here, proving that it can be done, on time, and on budget. And you can do it too.

Look for me in the next couple weeks in a new thread...

The Turk.
dude, you're rocking through things! a true rarity from my experience there, and a great complement toward you. keep it up
Hey Turkey I really appreciate you're posting of your experiences because it further backs up what I have been saying all along.

Pan Am is a great academy where people can truly succeed. You're a living example. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your efforts.